Proposal for Funding


Positive Attitudes is a not for profit community-based organization that is based in the City of New York. The organization has been in existence for six years. Its sole objective is serving the residents of the City of New York in improving their lives. Towards this end, it is engaged in many forums that are geared towards helping the less advantaged members of the City of New York live their life to the fullest. We have many projects that we are engaged that are aimed at making a contribution to humanity.  Among the successful projects that we have taken part in was the construction of a home for the elderly in the outskirts of the city of New York. The home caters for the elderly people who have nobody to take care of them. The elderly are made to live a comfortable life as much as possible, and they are given all the necessary assistance to achieve this goal. The home currently houses sixty elderly women and forty old men totalling one hundred elderly people. We have a vision of making this facility accommodate more elderly people. Another project that this organization has taken part in has been the sensitization of the communities living in the city of New York on how to reduce the rate of transmission of HIV/AIDS among the residents of this town. With the vigorous campaigns initiated by this group over the last four years, we have seen a drastic drop in the rate of HIV infection among the youth from a high percentage to less than one percentage in the last three years. All this has been as a result of the commitment of our members and the positive financial support that we get from our donors. At the moment, we are in the process of setting up a mental health facility that will take care of the number of mental cases that are dotting the City of New York. The mental cases are a health risk to every person who is lives in this city. We are, therefore, appealing for funding of this project that will be of great benefit to those who stay in New York and to a larger extent, the entire US. We know that, or we pray that our facility should become a mental referral centre for the US citizens. In so doing, we know the facility will get federal support, and it will benefit every American in the long run.



Mental cases in the US have risen tremendously over the last few years. The causes of the mental sickness are many, and it is, therefore, not possible for one to be able to pin or generalize all the cases as having one cause. There are some cases that are inherited, others come as a result of abusing prohibited drugs, for example, cocaine and heroin and others are as a result of stress that is related to everyday lives. Recent statistics indicates that the number of youth who are suffering from mental cases has been rising steadily over the last few years. Mental sickness as a result of work-related stress has also resulted to youths committing suicide, and the trend is worrying. It is due to all these factors that we have decided to come up with a mental health administration funding that will help us set up a facility to take care of the mental cases in the City of New York.  With the funding that we are likely to get from you, we shall set up a facility that will seek to detect, cure and offer guidance services to persons whose mental state is not stable.  The families of people who are mentally sick will also need guidance and counselling to help them live with their sick relatives. They will also be given methods that they can use to handle the violent family members who are suffering from mental instability. We also seek to establish guidance and counselling centre towards this end. We will also try to have a curative centre for those who are sick mentally. A training centre for those who would like to engage in knowing more about mental health will also be set up from the proceeds of the donation. We would like to have in place a facility that will cater for the diverse needs of the patients of mental disorders in the City of New York. The reason for choosing the City of New York as the starting point is because there are many youths who are affected by the illegal drugs that are readily available in the ghettoes of this city. As such, various cases that have come as a result of the mental disabilities have always hit the airwaves of the US. A good number of these cases come from the City of New York. We are taking the initiative of coming up with this facility so as to supplement the few facilities that are in existence and which appear to be overstretched. The state government has inadequate facilities that are designed to cater for mental cases. In fact, the state facilities are not specialized in taking care and managing mental cases. There is no federal mental facility in the whole of the New York. It is out of this inadequacy that we feel that we should come up with a facility that will be specialized in the administration and management of mental cases in the city of New York. We know that in so doing, other organizations in the US will follow our steps and the good work that we shall have done will be replicated across the entire US. Therefore, our people who are mental cases will have found a helper in their problems. ­­It is our hope that you will see the need of coming up with a mental facility in the City of New York.


 Our organization is a community-based organization whose headquarters are found in the City of New York. We started our operations six years ago, and our main area of concern is promoting the wellbeing of the residents of this city. We have taken part in several projects that are all aimed at ensuring that the well-being of the residents of this city is progressing well. We were initially engaged in projects whose aim was to reduce the infection of HIV/AIDS in our community. These programs were successful as at now, the rates of infection have gone down drastically over the last few years. After the positive reception of these programs and their positive impact on the community, we engaged ourselves in another project that is concerned with taking care of the elderly members of the society. So far we have one hundred elderly people in our care, and we are helping them lead normal lives as much as possible. With the success of these two projects, we felt that we should go a notch higher and engage in activities that would be of benefit to the society. The reason for coming up with this project is to help the large number of youth that are involved in drugs that end up making them mental cases. We also seek to give guidance and counselling to family members of these people. Training programs for people who will be interested in getting knowledge about mental cases will also be offered at the facility. Our organization has a certificate of registration with the department social services. Additionally,  the federal government is aware of our existence. Our constitution is deposited with the department of social services, and we have also attached a copy of the constitution for your perusal. Among the contents of our Constitution are the qualifications that members must possess for them to become our office bearers. The procedure that is to be followed while disbursing or using the money that we get from the donors is also enclosed in the constitution. As you will see, our constitution is detailed, and it borders mostly on the prudent use of the resources allocated to us. It is our wish that we use the resources that we get from our donors in the best way possible and in a manner that will satisfy the donors. The reason for being prudent is that we would like our donors to know that every penny that they give us is used in a way that is prescribed by the law.

 As there are many projects that we intend to set up in our mental facility, we are of the idea that we should accomplish them in phases. The area that we should give priority will be the construction of a psychiatric treatment centre for those who are suffering from various mental disorders. The reason for giving this area priority is that we want to help those who are sick mentally a priority in managing their condition. The next area that will follow will be the guidance and counselling centre whose primary objective will be to ensure that the mental cases do not relapse into their former state. They will be helped to overcome the challenges that will have made them become mental cases. The next facility will be the training centre that will be open to people who have an interest in mental health. The training will be offered at highly subsidized rates so that even those with little income can attend the training sessions. Among what will be provided at the training centres will be signs and symptoms of mental diseases, the first steps that one should take to contain a mental case and prevent it from worsening. We have deliberately come up with this plan of action as we are not sure if we shall get a donor who can support our program entirely. If by any chance we come across such a donor, then our activities will be carried out simultaneously and at a good pace.

 We believe that human resource will be critical to making our project a success. We, therefore, intend to use some of the money we shall get to recruit qualified and competent staff to handle the various areas of the facility. The core team will be the medical practitioners who are trained in mental health. We shall then recruit the support staff including the clerks, grounds people and security providers for the facility. We seek to recruit the best staff by announcing the recruitment drive in the press to ensure that more people get to know of the hiring process. We shall come up with the minimum qualifications that will be possessed by the staff that will be working in the various departments. We shall also use the funds in the best way possible so that we pay our employees handsomely. The reason for a handsome payment will be to ensure that we do not have a staff turnover that is unwarranted. For starters, the minimum qualification for the medical practitioners will be a degree from a recognized university and if possible work experience of not less than three years. Those handling finances will also be required to be degree holders. The other support staff will be required to possess a minimum of a diploma certificate from a reputable institution. As you can see, we do not want to gamble with the lives of the mental patients that we shall be dealing with in our working station. It is our prayer that we shall touch the lives of the many patients that we see in hospitals in the US and that they will recover fully. It is with this idea in mind that we seek to recruit nothing but the best staff who will help us accomplish our mission.


The project seeks to take care of the mental cases in the City of New York and consequently the entire US. It is our wish that at one point, the federal government will notice a need in what we are doing and come in fully to support us. We seek to cure mental conditions, offer guidance and counselling to the mentally sick and even rehabilitate them into the society. We also seek to provide some training to those who are interested in knowing more about the mental disorders that can affect humanity and how to control or prevent them.  As at now, our organization is engaged in some income generating activities that are meant to subsidize what the donors give us. We do not depend on donors a hundred fully, thus, we are involved in dairy farming and poultry keeping. These are two activities form the bulk of our income generating activities from which we get money to pay our staff.


We have broken down our projects into phases due to the fact that we may not get enough resources to implement them at once. Those that we feel are the core areas are given priority while the other fields can wait a little bit. We shall ensure that our projects are safe through a various ways. One of the methods that we shall use towards this end will be by ensuring that our facility is built on land that has a title deed. We do not want to risk in this area as we may not have time of attending to lawsuits that may arise out of erecting a facility on a piece of land that is illegally acquired. Another method that we are going to use will be involving federal and state civil engineers in our construction work right from the drawing of the plans for the actual construction. The reason for this is to ensure that we come up with strong structures that will last a lifetime. Consequently, we shall avoid shaky structures that may become a hazard to our patients. We shall also come up with the communication protocol in the organization to ensure that we do not give conflicting information about our activities. One person will be chosen who will be the spokesperson of the project and all that it will entail.


Education &Training Unit. Writing a Funding Proposal. Retrieved from on 14/7/15

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