Provide an overview of ElGamal cryptosystem.

In Part I of the TMA, you are required to perform some research about the ElGamal algorithm and write a report describing this method. Your report should:    
1. Provide an overview of ElGamal cryptosystem.   2. Describe the procedure of key generation in ElGamal cryptosystem. (10 marks)  3. Describe the encryption process in ElGamal cryptosystem.  4. Describe the decryption process in ElGamal cryptosystem. (10 marks)  5. Additional requirements concerning your report:  a. The report should be well-structured with clear subdivision into introduction, body, and conclusion, with the sections in the body clearly addressing the requirements of Questions 1-4 above.  b. The report length should be not exceeded 1200 words. (2 marks) c. References used should be included at the end of the report and correctly cited in the report.

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