Public Administration 750-1,000 words three references


Public organizations can be categorized into two basic categories: open and closed models of organization. Compose descriptions of two fictional public organizations that are structured around one being open and the other being closed. Briefly describe what services, goods, or activities each organization provides. Then, compare the two organizations in terms of any similarities and differences based upon their open or closed organizational structure. 

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 750 1,000 words:  Create and describe two fictional public organizations.  One organization should be structured around the closed organizational model, while the second should be structured around the open organizational model. For each of the two fictional organizations:  What services, goods, or activities does the organization provide? Explain. Specifically, in terms of organizational structure, how are the two organizations different? Explain in detail. Specifically, in terms of organizational structure, how are the two organizations similar? Explain in detail. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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