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Qualitative Research Designs

Qualitative Research Designs

A qualitative research approach to knowledge generation is a research approach where the researcher immerses himself/herself in the research setting to get a full and deep understanding of the subject area. It involves generating knowledge from a personal interaction with what and who is being studied. Qualitative research studies are flexible and speculative rather than fixed and manipulative (Flick, 2014). The study is also purposeful hence the cases of study selected are rich in the information sought (Spalding University Library, 2018).

“Communication by nurses in the intensive care unit: Qualitative analysis of domains of patient-centered care” is the title for a journal article that used a qualitative approach (Slatore et al., 2012). The problem area was patient-centered communication by nurses in the intensive care unit. “What are nurses’ communication behaviors within the theoretical framework of patient-centered care in the intensive care unit?” was the research question for the study. The study’s concepts were nurses, patient-centered care, communication behaviors and the intensive care unit. Communication was the independent variable in the research study whereas the dependent variable was patients’ outcomes in the intensive care unit. In the study, patient-centered care (PCC) encompassed “the biopsychosocial perspective that focuses on an informational exchange; patient as a person; sharing of both power and responsibility; therapeutic alliance; and the clinician as a person”.

To overcome the bias limitation often common with the qualitative study, ninety-eight per cent of nurses participated in the research to enhance the credibility of their responses. It was also conducted in two different teaching hospitals. The authors questioned collective subjective nurses’ believes in communication roles by interviewing them to understand how and why they engaged in certain patient-centered communication domains with patients and families. The study also incorporated “human concern” for the clients with effective nursing practices by only interviewing those nurses who are off-duty.

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