Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research is a scrutinization method where one seeks to know why something happens in a said given manner. This method of fact-finding is useful in nursing research studies as it helps the researcher answers questions such as why and what leads to a certain occurrence in a given field of study (Lewis, S. 2015) .

A qualitative researcher should be open to finding out how situations happen naturally without overlooking the fact that situations change. One should also use various samples that give resolute information about the case being researched on.  A researcher should look out for comprehensive information about the case. It is important that the researcher has a one on one with the people, events or occurrences the information being sort comes from so as to get a direct reaction and also get to know the operation of the case study (Holloway & Galvin, 2016). 

The researcher  treated every case uniquely while seeking to find out useful patterns and inferences, then by the use compounds to find out the integrated case while placing importance on different factors and use of one’s opinions to give the final result when analyzing the data collected(Holloway & Galvin, 2016).

According to journal writing about asthma, the author was trying to understand what asthma is and most importantly what causes it. The writer sort to answer questions regarding the patients’ medical history, the results from the physical medical exam carried out and what the lung X-ray showed. The research also sort to answer the question of what type of asthma each patient suffers from ( Elaro, Patel, Shah, Armour, Kraus, Farris & Bosnic-Anticevich, 2016).

The writer concluded that a person who suspects that they may be suffering from asthma has to consult an allergist so as to get a clear diagnosis. One also has to find out exactly what triggers asthma, for instance, weather changes which result in chilled air, pollen grains or dust. The writer concluded that approximately 26 million Americans suffer from asthma( Elaro, Patel, Shah, Armour, Kraus, Farris & Bosnic-Anticevich, 2016).

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