Quality assurance : spc is a part of the quality assurance process

Quality Assurance : SPC is a part of the quality assurance process



1. SPC is a part of the quality assurance process. Control charts are considered one of the key components of SPC. In this discussion, you will learn more about applying SPC. To participate in this discussion, perform the following tasks: There are different rationales for using SPC, including control variation, continual improvement, predictability of processes, elimination of waste, and product inspection. Discuss the importance of these rationales. An organization has decided to evaluate how two different computer programs are being accepted by the market and how they are used for businesses. Based on this evaluation, the organization will determine which product will be manufactured and which product will no longer be manufactured. Discuss how the various rationales of SPC can be used to analyze and solve this business problem.


2. There are various strategies, such as flow production, group technology, level production, and scheduling, which can be used to help move toward continual improvement processes for an organization. In this discussion, you will explore how these strategies can be used to improve quality within an organization or business. To participate in this discussion, do the following: Explain the importance of each of the following strategies: Flow production Group technology Level production Scheduling Evaluate how these strategies may be used in your business or organization. Which of the strategies may be difficult to evaluate and use for strategic planning and why?

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