·         Question 1


4 out of 4 points



What oxidizer is used to prepare the chemical referred to as piranha in the computer-chip industry?        


·         Question 2


0 out of 4 points



An oxidation number describes the combining capability of one ion to another ion or of one atom to another atom. Which of the following statements regarding oxidation numbers is FALSE?        


·         Question 3


4 out of 4 points



You are the first on-the-scene responder at a hazmat incident in your community. Which of the following indicators would NOT indicate that the material involved is an oxidizer?        


·         Question 4


0 out of 4 points



When bleach and ammonia are mixed, one of the chemical reactions is
2NaOCl + 2NH3 → 2NaONH3 + Cl2. Which reactant undergoes reduction?        


·         Question 5


0 out of 4 points



Compounds oxidize when they lose hydrogen atoms. An example is the decomposition of methanol. What products are formed when methanol decomposes?        


·         Question 6


4 out of 4 points



The oxidation number of chlorine in KClO4 is __________.        


·         Question 7


4 out of 4 points



The oxidation number of phosphorus in the P4O6 chemical formula is __________.        


·         Question 8


4 out of 4 points



One or more of the ions that do not participate in an oxidation-reduction reaction are called __________ ions.        


·         Question 9


4 out of 4 points



Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, what oxidizer did cleanup crews use to eradicate the mold that grew in homes __________?        


·         Question 10


0 out of 4 points



Shipping bales of unprocessed cotton alongside a boxcar containing concentrated perchloric acid is potentially hazardous since 60 to 72.5% perchloric acid is an NFPA __________ oxidizer that causes a severe increase in the burning rate of the cotton.        





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