Read further about metadata and the NSA

Metadata ( is information generated as you use technology, and its use has been the subject of controversy since NSA’s secret surveillance program ( was revealed. Examples include the date and time you called somebody or the location from which you last accessed your email. The data collected generally does not contain personal or content-specific details, but rather transactional information about the user, the device and activities taking place. In some cases you can limit the information that is collected – by turning off location services on your cell phone for instance – but many times you cannot. Action Items: Read/Skim “Part III” of Nothing to Hide by Solove, Daniel, 2011 Read further about metadata and the NSA by following the links above (if you are unfamiliar with the material) And write a Personal Statement: Speak to others. Represent yourself and apply the analysis in Part III and assess whether gathering of your metadata (as opposed to all data, or other kinds of data) violates your freedom of expression (speech) or any of the other numerous freedoms guaranteed to you under the Bill of Rights. 250 words!

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