Relational Database in the Era of Big Data

You are required to write an opinion article (also known as an “op-ed” piece) for a technology magazine on the following topic:

Relational Database in the Era of Big Data

A number of alternative technologies such as NoSQL, Hadoop famework and Predictive Analytics applications are poised to facilitate big data management. Several years into the big data revolution, Relational Database still has a big presence and are not failing in this new era.

Why do you think? Present your thoughts and arguments in relation to why Relational Database are still strong in this new era even though it was predicted to fail.

Big data refers to a broad term for comprehensive data sets that are huge in size, unstructured in format and highly recurring in frequency. Due to these complexities in these data sets, it is widely believed that traditional data management applications including relational databases and SQL are inadequate to capture, store, analyse and visualise big data.

Your opinion piece (op-ed) should be no longer than 500 words.

You are required to extensively research on the relevant topics, take a stance (role of relational databases in big data) and present concise and workable arguments.

There is no requirement for formal in-text referencing in this question. However, it is recommended to put a list of references at the end of the article showing the published materials that you researched while writing this article.

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