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Research Critique Paper

Several medical advancements have been aimed at enhancing the healthy survival for preterm infants. One of those novel techniques in kangaroo care. Basically, kangaroo care helps to modify and reduce stressful environment in the neonatal intensive care unit (Head, 2014). The article evaluates the dangers of preterm birth in details while extensively reviewing literature materials on the impacts of kangaroo care on cognitive development in preterm babies. Apparently, kangaroo care is essential in improving the neurodevelopment of preterm infants though few studies have addressed the long-term benefits. This was the goal of this article.

The author was insightful by defining all the key terms in the article. For instance, preterm refers to any birth that occurs when the fetus is not older than thirty-seven weeks (Grayson, 2018). Next, extensive coverage was provided on the developmental trend of preterm births across the world. Statistical data is provided to illustrate the monetary cost of the conditions on the economy and the number of preterm births recorded annually particularly in America. The writer also highlight various effects of preterm birth such as cognitive defects, chronic illnesses, and physical disabilities among others (Pagni, Kellar & Rood, 2017). Incidentally, the rate of preterm births recorded continue to rise yearly despite the advancement in medical technology to curb this problem.

Various databases such as Cumulative Index, PubMed, Allied Health Literature, and Web of Science were used to provide relevant information regarding the application of kangaroo healthcare on the cognitive growth of baby. Notably, the immediate gains of kangaroo care include stability, good sleep, attachment, feeding, and stress response (Cooper et al 2014). Hence, there is hope that kangaroo could be important in preventing neurological defects arising from preterm birth. However, there are shortcomings to the study that requires further studies. For instance, monitoring the development of the infants throughout their childhood to adulthood and covering a wide range of age groups. Additionally, there are other factors known to impact cognitive development in infants like breastfeeding, parental education, and social and economic factors (Anderson, 2014). Overall, this is a credible article recommendable for reading by any science enthusiast.  

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