Richard Dawkins and Alvin Plantinga

Richard Dawkins and Alvin Plantinga are on opposite sides when it comes to the relationship between science and religion.

Richard Dawkins, through works such as The Blind Watchmaker, opposes any sort of correlation and agreement between science and religion.

On the other hand, in Plantinga’s book Where the Conflict Really Lies, he finds common cause between science and religion.

Choose either Dawkins or Plantinga to investigate further.      Summarize two or three main points of your chosen author as it pertains to the debate between science and religion.

To Get Maximum Points

–initial posting must be 250 words in length,

–two follow-up responses to your peers must be 125 words in length

–find, utilize, and cite in correct APA format one resource.


Sections 1 – 3 of “Religion and Science”, Online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Timeline of Evolutionary Thought, UCMP Berkeley

          Source:  edu/history/evotmline.html”>

Solar System Exploration Program, NASA






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