RN Transition To Baccalaureate Nursing


Analysis Of The Theory

1. Describe in your own words (paraphrase) your understanding of the theorist’s work. 

2. Select 1 main idea of the theory to describe and discuss. 

3. Identify how each of the 4 metaparadigm concepts (person, health, environment, and nursing) is viewed.

Application To Nursing Care

1. Using an example from the literature (nursing jo3.urnal) summarize how this theory is being used to guide the delivery of nursing care.  

2. Write in the 3rd person. 1-2 pages.

3. How would you put into action the concepts of this theorist’s work? 

4. Connect the theory concepts to your thoughts and actions in a personal story from your practice to show application of the theory. 

4. Use a story that shows you using the theory or look back and think about how you might have cared for a patient differently using the theory. 

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