Sample English Essay on Discourse of the Legal Community

Discourse of the Legal Community

Every community uses a different method of dialogue to construct meaning and communicate with one another. The use of discourse has been placed I form of communities over the past few decades. A community of discourse describes a group of people how belong to a given academic discipline or those who hold particular believes a given topic. People from different backgrounds such as Spain, Ireland and Greece may belong to the same discourse community but originate from varied speech (language) communities. This paper is analysis of how legal professionals use discourse among them to convey information. The article discusses this issue by evaluating how they behave, what motivates them, their beliefs, traditions and the values they uphold to make their discourse functioning within their community.

Law professionals state that the professionals in the legal community rely on narration as a means of communication. In many occasions, lawyers in the la professionals use narration in their daily operations. For example, when any lawyers decide to represent an individual on a given case, they usually narrate the occurrence that lead to the situation. Inside the courtroom, lawyers construct arguments to defend their clients. They are expected to avoid dramatization during the proceedings as much as possible.

The legal community expects its members to dress in an official way, as they believe that communication is not just verbal but appearance also matters as part of their discourse. They should observe how and what they era to their places of practice because what they wear differentiates them from the people they represent. It is also a show of professionalism at commitment in their area of duty. They are expected to use certain mode as communication when referring to their clients and fellow professionals. For example, they should say “the defendant, the accused, my or his client” when referring to the people they represent.

It is important to note through legal discourse that members who belong to the legal community have beliefs and values they abide by. For example, any layer believes that every individual is innocent until proven otherwise. According to them, the law protects even the most guilty person based on this understanding. It is no wonder there are those who specializes in defending criminals such as murderous even though they know that their clients are guilty as charged.  There are those who believe that their profession is bound by the rule of justice, and must ensure that justice prevails even if the person is guilty.

The community expects it members to use academic language during their profession. They use words like due process, your honor, objection, sustained, overruled, the defendants, and the accused among other to communicate. The presiding judge will also use language such as (may the two councilors approach the bench” to ensure that his or her discourse is professional and does not alienate any person. The lawyer in the legal fraternity live by the values of justice, profound research and proper service to the community. They believe that any wrongdoing must be punished adequately to promote justice not just among their clients but also to the community outside their actions. According to this profession, all layers must ensure that the justice system is transparent and should not display any notion of being corrupt in any way.

Traditional practices and behavior

The legal community expects its members to acquire given sets of behavior and practices. They should not alienate one another while in session. When two lawyers are working together, the lead counsel must work together with his or her partner without going behind each other’s back. They should meet the client together and discuss the proceeding in one accord. Similarly, the defendant lawyer should not meet the plaintiff without the knowledge of the lawyer otherwise; he or she will be charged. On the same note, the attorney needs to collect enough evidence to present in court during the process of negotiation.

They should conduct through research into their cases and find similar cases to relate to in order to ensure that their clients get full representation. While in the courtroom, legal representatives should be professional in their language and should not involve too much body movement, as this is considered unprofessional. Layers should posses thorough knowledge about the person they are representing and should have the necessary information to take up the case otherwise one should not even attempt appearing before the court. Staying late to research on recent and past cases is vital in a lawyer’s life. It is also acceptable to ask other attorneys on how to go about a given case. It is okay to use complicated word but one should be able to simplify them when need be. While representing either side, legal representative must uphold human dignity and avoid humiliating either the clients or their fellow prosecutors.

How they convey beliefs, values and practices

Legal discourse analysis reveals that the lawyer’s main area of practice is in the courtroom. Their practices are conveyed in this setting as they narrate and argue about the proceeding of the case. Their beliefs are also shown when representing their clients on different platforms. Many a times one will notice that a given attorney complains of the other being too aggressive or coursing the client. Harassment that humiliates any client is usually not tolerated by either of the lawyer or the prosecutor. In order to show discourse in their practice, most if not all lawyers usually present solid evidence concerning their case. The proof can be in form of a written note, experiment done in the court or eyewitness accounts. Sometimes some of these professionals stay up for longer hours researching and into a client’s life history to find out solid evident for winning the case.

Before anybody can be a full-grown layer, they are expected to take their barrister exam to proof that they are ready to take the stand. Any misbehavior is usually punishable and can lead to a cancellation of a license of practice.


Every community practice given type of discourse, which refers to the way people, or professionals in that area communicate. Discourse is an important part of any fraternity as it functions to shape live and instill values in any community. Discourse analysis occurs among professionals of a given setting and can be transferred to members of a different setting that have shared values and beliefs. This techniques sets ways in which people communicate, behave, what motivates them and indicates how they go about their lives. It is important to set the discourse method in a clear way so that each member of a community can identity and understand it.

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