Sample Essay on Changes Affecting the Contemporary Hospitality Industry


1.0 Introduction

The hospitality industry is a wide group of fields within the service industry that entails theme parks, lodging, transportation, and extra fields that are found within the tourism industry (Walker2010, p.23).This essay will give a review of the modern developments by explaining the changes that affect the existing hospitality industry. It will also give a review of managerial, operational, and legislative issues emanating from the current growth aspects impacting this industry. Furthermore, it will give an analysis for the anticipated growth patterns.

2.0 An analysis of Operational, Managerial and Legislative Issues resulting from Recent Developments affecting the Hospitality Industry

A key challenge of upholding and attracting qualified workers is evident and this is said to be the major issue in isolated markets. This is becoming a key worldwide challenge. Other factors include inability to handle the issue of employee satisfaction, and workers spending more hours at their work places and receiving low pay. Recruiting verycompetent employees and retaining them is a chief challenge and therefore the hospitality industry has started to implement strategies that can be of great significance when it comes to maintaining qualified employees in the industry.

2.1 Rewards for Productivity

The hospitality industry is a labor intensive industry and as a result, this plays a fundamentalresponsibility in contributing to achieving positive outcomes. Employees are appreciated depending on their level of output and this clarifies why workers in a similar industry working in different departments receive varied rewards. For instance, workers in the production departments receive different rewards from those working in the purchases department. In present times, employers offer various trainings to their workers for instance; taking them for management courses, and cross-training. After achieving the whole training goal, they are given certificates by the company. The majority of the managers are of the view that a positive approach among the employees can result in client satisfaction through provision of quality services. A conducive working environment in a hospitality industry and an emphasis on actualopportunity contributes to accomplishing of an industry’s goals and objectives.

2.2 Limited Emphasis on the Satisfaction of Workers and Training

Following a fall in international demand, most hotels failed to re-establish the development and training programs that were offered to workers. The hospitality industry should implement strategies that can be of significance in upholding its image and give a thrilling career choice. Furthermore, the industry should also implement training programs. Additionally, the hospitality industry should implement its own inside programs to attract many individuals who may consider the training programs to serve as a development path in their careers. Currently, most hospitality companies recruit employees on contract basis.

2.3 Demographic Challenges

The level of an increase in population is said to be very sluggish in most regions of the globe, specifically in Europe. For various decades, the total number of workers quitting jobs when more than the total number of employees who were looking for jobs.  This scenario is as a result of a large number of workers who exit jobs after attaining their retirement age. The hospitality industry has played a limited role when it comes to hiring more workers. Most graduates are not willing to take up courses in this business field due to working for long hours with low pay. They have a preference of careers in other sectors because of high salaries and wages and a conducive workplace.

3.0 A justification of Predicted Future Trends and Developments in Hospitality

These trends are;

3.1 Recognizing the Major Player in the Hospitality Industry

There are various products that are vital in a marketplace in the hospitality industry. It should recognize the main players and implement policies suitable to run their company so as to achieve their goals. As a result, in order to have fair competition with such firms, the organization is expected to put emphasis on the promotion approaches and provide quality services to its customers. In future, the management of the hotel industry should see to it that all activities are under supervision in order to increase the level of output in the industry. Because of the high levels of competition in the hospitality industry, a hotel company should focus on proper management because happy workers work hard in attaining their goals. This is because customers rank a hotel depending on the provided services and the existing facilities. It is therefore significant to provide quality services to its customers (Marriott International, Lane and Friedlander 2015, p.1).

3.2 Expectations of Employees

Employees in an industry are responsible for the proper running of the organization. Employees expect a lot of things from their organizations. They expect good communication, be offered with training in order to improve their skills, and promotion. They also anticipate to be appreciated for their effort, for instance, performance appraisal. In years to come, this industry can be very successful if it handles the issues of the expectations of employees (Reichel and Pizam, 1984, p.34).

3.3 Diversity

This industry is ranked among the most diverse sector in the globe when it comes to the number of customers that they get and the number of workers that they hire. It is important for the management of the organization to understand different cultures in order to improve the interrelationships with their customers. It is on these grounds that companies with an objective of trading in the industry be required to train its workers in order to accommodate people from different ethnic backgrounds (Merchant2011, p.1).

3.4 Security and Safety

It is very important in the hospitality industry because of the present terrorist attacks that take place internationally. The industry must ensure that it is in a position to deal with such disasters when they takeplace)Baum, 2011, p. 35).

3.3 Service

Because of changes in market demand and worldwide competition, provision of quality services will attract and retain customers. The main factor that contributes to a successful hospitality industry is the quality of services and the degree of satisfaction derived from the quality of services by customers. There is an increase in the level of competition in the hotel industry and based on this, a hotel company aims at having a competitive advantage over other companies in the industry (Kapiki 2012, p.4).Customers are interested in the value of services offered to them, yet only few hotels offer exceptional services. In future, the hotel industry is planning to deliver quality services so that they can achieve customer satisfaction, hence leading to better relationships with each customer.  The type of relationships has a positive effect on the behavior of the client, for example; it leads to an increase in the number of customers.

4.0 An Impact Analysis for the Predicted Trends and Developments

     Based on the challenges facing the hospitality industry, an impact evaluation for the expected trends and developments is required. They can be analyzed as follows:

4.1 Investors

Investment in hotels in London was expected to experience a persistent investment interest. The past and cultural attractions attract different visitors from varied nations. Even though the hospitality industry experiences all these factors, the majority of the individuals are willing to give it a good opportunity (Molloy and Davies, 1999, p. 45).This industry plays an important role in contributing to the economy of the respective nation through providing job opportunities to various people.

4.2 Tough Going

Because of an increase in demand and supply, revenue for hotels per amiable room is expected to reduce by 3.2 5 in London. The predictions in hotels located in various parts of the United Kingdom are an indicator of our most recent performance of the hotels. The revised approximations assume UK hotels have a reduced demand in the key inbound markets.

Studies carried out indicate that provincial sovereign hotels would suffer in succeeding years. The largest influence for hotel industry to develop is economic recovery and given that the economy of the United Kingdom is recovering at a slow rate, most hotel companies with be cost conscious (Marriott International, Lane and Friedlander 2015, p.1).

5.0 Conclusion

The hospitality industry is one of the vital sectors of a country’s economy. It is fundamental for the sector to put into consideration some of factors that will contribute to its growth in future. These factors include the following: diversification of the sector, provision of quality services, meeting the expectations of its employees, and recognizing the major players in the industry

6.0 List of References

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