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Sample Essay on Forest Conservation

Forest Conservation

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It is widely agreed that in order to meet and satisfy the environmental and socio-economic needs of both current and future populations, management and conservation of global forests is paramount. Forests perform various spiritual, environmental, cultural, and ecological functions (Sample and Cheng 53). Their protection safeguards and protects important biological resources that contribute positively to sustainable growth and development. As indicated in the post, deforestation is a persistent problem that has far-reaching implications on both the environment and human life. Although various measures have been undertaken to stop and reverse the trend, the problem still persists. Global environmental governance is one of the approaches that stakeholders employ in a bid to address deforestation. From the outlook, this strategy is effective in resolving the environmental issues. Nonetheless, it has borne minimal results because of ineffective implementation and enforcement. Comparatively, localized approaches are more viable and effective because of their sustainability and ease of implementation.

In its research, the United Nations established that active involvement of local communities in forest conservation initiatives bears desirable outcomes (United Nations 41). This is because the locals understand the nature of the forests and interact with resources on a daily basis. In addition, they utilize indigenous knowledge to conserve and protect these important resources. Involving them in conservation practices gives them an opportunity to make credible contributions and commit to protecting forests. Such a strategy also enhances sustainable use of forest products and services by the populations. To realize desirable results, populations in developing countries should be provided with additional funds to enable transfer of sound technologies.

At a local level, the prices of forest products and services should be reflective of environmental costs as well as their replacement expenses. Specifically, the expenses that relate to re-afforestation, afforestation, and sustainable forest management should be included in the market price of forest products (Randhir & Erol 742). Most importantly, exploitation of these products should not be discriminatory. This regulates exploitation and encourages sustainable use of the products. Further, countries should critically review their forest harvesting practices and advise their populations accordingly. The main aim of this is to ensure conservation of important biodiversity during exploitation and utilization. Further, countries and nation states should locate threatened ecosystems and take practical measures to protect them and restore their productivity.

Effective implementation of forest conservation initiatives is costly and requires use of significant resources. It is imperative for policy responses to factor in the costs that relate to foregone opportunities or benefits that are lost from the existing land use practices. Enforcement and localization of the global forest conservation strategies should put into account the legal rights of nation states and local populations over their natural resources. This eliminates conflicts that are likely to compromise the entire process. The countries can use incentives to compensate populations that take practical measures to conserve their forests too (Sample & Cheng 44).

Regardless of the increasing complexity of challenges that humans face, deforestation is not justified. In this respect, it is worth appreciating that forests are an important natural resource that sustains plant and animal life, filters pollutants from the air, prevents natural calamities such as droughts, increases soil fertility, and helps in conservation of biodiversity. Destruction of forests has adverse effects including soil erosion, global warming, and natural calamities such as floods, droughts, and so forth. Generally, deforestation destabilizes the entire natural system and for this reason, it is not justified.

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