Sample History Paper on Historical Transformations

Sample History Paper on Historical Transformations


The state of the modern world is a result of the numerous transformation of the globe’s civilization. Throughout the centuries societies kingdoms have evolved into states and nations, and    agricultural peasants slowly became industrial laborers. The most crucial is, however, the major transformations in societies. This transformations paved the way for the formation of governments, which have since overseen significant social, cultural, and economic developments globally.


The key events that brought about this transformations include the development of tributary societies, liberal revolutions, European imperialism, world wars, fascism and communism, the Cold War, and decolonization among others. These events triggered people’s interest to manage and control their own resources; and this was only achieved with the formation of nation-states.


Numerous benefits were gained by the global changes. First, they paved the way for governments, and the role of the states in global economic development became more pronounced. Nation-states focused more on economic development by pushing for the construction of industries, which saw an increase in the global employment rates. Also, with people being identified as citizens of nation-states, global peace and coexistence were achieved. However, equality that existed   among people was lost in this transformation. Essentially, some nation-states become stronger than others. Besides, a few individuals in political positions had more power than ordinary citizens, and this resulted in inequality among humans.


To sum up, today’s world is a reflection of the transformations that were taking place throughout centuries. The world is no longer divided into kingdoms but into nation-states which are under the leadership of presidents and prime ministers. Some of the nation-states highlighting this transformation include the US, the UK, China, Russia, and others.

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