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Sample Paper on How to Make an Income While You Are a Student

Topic: How to Make an Income While You Are a Student

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General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose Statement: To create awareness and provide necessary information to the class on the way to make some income while at the same time taking your studies.

Thesis Statement: The different kinds of strategies and procedures that are supposed to be used or followed so that one can be able to achieve as a student and be gaining income at  the same time.


  1. (Attention Getter) Money! Money! Money! Who does not need, love and use money. Who? Let me see by a show of hands. Raise your hand up! Pocket money is the real and coveted treasure by us students, and this the same treasure that is very scarce and limited. It is never enough to meet the needs of not only students but other people as well. School fees is at times a hassle to raise and our guardians go through thick and thin to raise school fees and other funds their kids need. This is the same reason money making endeavors for students were introduced in order to help them be part and parcel of raising the money to meet their needs and relieve their guardians of this burden.
  2. (Topic Introduction/ Justification) Income making is a good venture for students so that they can be able to meet their daily needs without too much reliance on their guardians. This field helps students to broaden their mind and get to exercise the skills they have already learnt. The students are able to venture into investments, which are essential in one’s development and planning for the future.
  • (Speaker Credibility) I have ventured into several money making developments and projects as a student for two years. These ventures have facilitated me with pocket money and I at times chip in to pay my own school fees. I have been able to engage myself in savings and investment plans in order to grow my projects and be able to act on major business plans after my education.
  1. (Preview) My role will be selling ideas and ways that one should engage in as a student in order to generate income without distracting their education program. The ideas will include various ventures that one should engage in, ventures that can bring in income without taking too much time of everyday life, best policies that one should maintain in order to gain income without affecting the school’s programs and functions.

Transition: In the institution, students have unending financial challenges. Sometimes, it would be from the financial status of our guardians, or at times, the unending demands that do not need the intervention of the guardian to cater for them (Gao 180). At this youthful stage, everyone is curious to know and learn new things, practice what he or she has learnt, visit places, buy things and exploration among others. Here now is the cure and the solution to the student’s financial dilemmas that they have been experiencing, what a relief!


Socialization is an essential part of a young person’s lifestyle especially those who are in school since one meets new people of different cultures while interacting with close friends (Miles 72). Social life and socialization may be limited by the lack of sufficient money, which is useful in fostering effective relations. This limits the level at which one will relate, interact and make new friends due to the low self esteem that is created by the nature of lacking money (Seidman 236).

  1. Online platform has been a very great platform for money making for students. There are many opportunities in this platform that do not require special skills in order to engage in them. They need just simple training hence one can access such work and be paid for it (Statsky 465).
  1. In the institutions, there is much unutilized time that a student is given in order to enhance their creativity and learn more on their own.
  2. This is an ideal time to get to the internet and utilize the search engines and make the best out of what is available there.
  3. With the internet connection which is freely provided by institutions for research, just type the words online jobs. To your surprise, you will get a million and one responses that give guidelines about the online jobs.

Transition: After identifying the field that one will venture in freelancing, necessary recommendations should be taken.

  1. For one to be successful in freelancing, the following crucial steps should be followed;
  1. Schedule time for freelancing. This includes time management between what you are supposed to do and at what time.
  2. Take advantage of study breaks.
  3. Write business plans where an opportunity or idea hits your mind.
  4. Market your posts if you post things that need to be viewed by as much people.
  5. Get adequate sleep

Transition: After taking the personal measures, act on the field of specialization.

  1. Online jobs are mainly categorized as freelance jobs since one does what best suits him or her, one chooses from a very wide variety of options (Passig 6).
  1. Freelancers work at their own time hence they are their own bosses, they plan their own time and make the best use of what they have (Fuller 168).
  2. There are necessary steps that one should take in order to make the very best of online income generation without much pressure which includes;
  3. Taking jobs that are not time consuming
  4. Jobs that are not demanding in terms of resources
  • Have a functional bank account
  1. Always follow the given instructions


When one is engaged in freelance jobs, you are assured to make as much as you can dream of, being a good time manager and getting as much information as possible. This venture brings up the responsible part of a student as concentration in creativity is really enhanced.






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