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Sample Paper on Improving Security and Privacy in Social Networking

Improving Security and Privacy in Social Networking

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Social networks have become a major platform with far-reaching effects on social life. Social networks can be defined as online virtual spaces where people post content, share pictures, videos, audios, and experiences in various locations, while at the same time commenting on any subject matter. The social network has become common in today’s society with individuals and businesses using this medium in one way or the other in their activities.

However, these social networks have got a number of privacy risks, with users being subjected to security and privacy related issues. This is because information posted on such sites can be observed by other people on the social media platform. This highlights the issues that such platforms attract, especially for individuals and businesses. This research highlights how to enhance security and privacy on such platforms to protect the identity of users, as well as maintain a good image in all aspects.

Research Problem:

The social network propagates information that is visible to anyone; hence, it can be a problem, especially when there are violations. This is because there are no structures that can help to implement policies in order to enhance security and privacy on these platforms.

Research purpose:

This research paper will highlight the strategies and tools needed to improve and enhance security and privacy in social networks.

Research questions:

What is a social network?

How can security and privacy be enhanced in social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

Can hackers effectively penetrate the social network platforms?

The need to improve security and privacy in social networks

A social network is a type of web-based service that allows people to communicate through a shared communication via public profiles (Purvis & Savarimuthu, 2009). This calls for effective ways of enhancing security and privacy in such public networks, where privacy of each and every participant in these networks is maintained. This is due to the current cyber security issues where there are instances of hacking of social media accounts and posting of nude photos in other people’s profiles. Hackers can effectively hack these sites through social engineering techniques, especially in instances where such people appear to trick individuals.

Apart from hackers, the chances of remaining logged in on a public computer are high especially when people are not sensitive on un-checking certain buttons when logging into their online social media accounts.

Security can be enhanced by controlling app behavior, enforcing proper privacy settings, and ascertaining the source of unknown apps (Cross, 2014), especially if the apps are installed on phones and the same interface with the social media sites. This is because such apps are vulnerable, and as such, can let people view what the user is doing, as well as privately acquire people’s passwords.

Privacy can also be enhanced through instituting legal frameworks such as the use of private data protection policies (Caviglione et al, 2013), like implementing standard platforms where private data like phone contacts and emails are automatically hidden from the public.

These two facets, when properly enhanced, will prevent defamation of individuals (Miller, 2013) and companies that use social networks to advance their businesses. This is essentially important for the internal use of social media networks. This will enhance proper work relationships, existence, and mutual cohesion between parties, especially when individuals and businesses are not aggrieved. There is therefore the need to improve security and privacy on the social media platform for the benefit of all.



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