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Sample Paper on Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a persistent problem in higher education as well as in the business world

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Trust is usually the basis of scholarship in schools. Innovation can persist only in the atmosphere of fairness and confidence. You have to be capable of trusting that your classmates are sincere in submitting their work and they should have similar belief in your research. The variety of study methods and subjects along with the systems of investigation and information presentation that direct every field, result to states of great ethical complexity.

Plagiarism is described as the intentional representation of somebody else’s work either in form of words, ideas or thoughts as one’s own without acknowledgment in when submitting a school assignment whether allocated to grades or not. This comprises of information obtained from websites, books, articles or any other kind of medium. In this case, plagiarism can mean stealing and passing off someone else’s words or ideas to possession and use without accrediting the sources. It can therefore be termed as form of fraud that entails stealing somebody else’s effort and later cheating about it. The United States law states that expressing an original idea becomes a scholarly property, thus becomes protected the copyright rules (Pecorari, 2010).

Plagiarism cases strongly affect school community, thus, it is wrong and must not be overlooked. Independent thought should be encouraged in scholarship, but mature research requires individual’s thought be built an aid of other researchers and scholars. In the school, it is required that all borrowed materials are properly accredited to the person who came up with the ideas, thoughts and words. Every material taken directly from an unacknowledged resource, despite how small, may be taken as plagiarism. Citation ignorance procedures cannot be a justification for plagiarism. Therefore, at graduate stage, it is assumed that every student knows the quotation and citation rules. It is insufficient to list sources in bibliography without appropriate citation of the content in the text body (Pecorari, 2010).

The appropriate external sources to use while researching and writing papers can be found at school and medical libraries as well as other learning libraries. This is because various public libraries lack enough scholarly references, while the available are mostly out of date. Therefore, educational libraries are usually well prepared to cater for the needs of researchers. In addition, one saves time while doing research on scholarly libraries rather than searching through public libraries with inadequate sources (Chin, Reid & Wray, 2012).

The steps to take in ensuring that work done is your own and reflects your competences include considering carefully the course context, and deciding what is logical in doing a given range of assignment. This is done by finding a couple of different sources and then make arguments from which the answers will make the best sense. Before using the sources effectively, one requires to know how to go about locating them, identify if they are the most reliable and to differentiate undoubtedly between personal ideas and ideas in the sources. Another important step is to use citations that allow one to show understanding of a given assignment (Chin, Reid & Wray, 2012).

On the other hand, academic research and writing needs a subtle merging of your ideas with other people’s ideas, research as well as methods of other researchers. As isolating and private study can act as learning following long and lonely hours in laboratory or library, learning is well accomplished within a group of researchers, whether one has ever met them or not, whose thoughts one uses to create his/her own. Therefore, one should responsibly rely on the effort of others. In this case, it is imperative that one realizes what contains appropriate source material attribution when conducting research and writing (Chin, Reid & Wray, 2012).

















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