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Sample Paper on The Media and Its Role

How the Media Plays a Crucial Role in Influencing Public Opinion

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The media acts as a channel of informing the general public about the unfolding events that may be taking place locally, regionally or internationally. Using the media, information that is disseminated to the user might be extremely useful such as politics within a country. Politics has been intertwined with every fabric in our lives. Media coverage in the world are divided into various sections such as local news, business news, international news, sport round-ups and weather. Information plays a key role in influencing the decisions and choices that the citizens of a country make on a daily basis. The government must play a key role in working with non-state owned media to ensure comprehensive coverings of government affairs. This paper will discuss how media effects influence the shaping of public opinion among its citizens. To achieve this, the paper will analyze Piers Morgan Tonight, a program that runs on CNN and Casey Michel’s article on the war between Ukraine and Russia that appeared on the New Republic online magazine.

Piers Morgan Tonight

Piers Morgan Tonight normally airs during the night on CNN. The show came into being after the legendary Larry King retired from the news desk. Larry King pioneered the age of night TV shows with his iconic Larry King Tonight Show, which ran for a number of years on CNN before its end. Larry interviewed some of the most famous personalities in the US ranging from celebrities to politicians. Piers Morgan stepped in to fill his shoes and has managed to build an audience from himself. Piers Morgan interviews many politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and other newsmakers from around the globe. Piers Morgan has a knack for running down his interviewees to get to the bottom of the matter. He has gone on to win some of the top accolades in the industry has presented some of the fair views of global events that can easily be interpreted by his audience. Piers Morgan is one of the most recognized journalists in the world rising from ashes when he was a judge at America’s Got Talent Show. He remains in his interview questions with his interviewees. He is an excellent communicator leading him to establish local ground with his interviewees and audiences. Additionally, he has great convincing power that leads his interviewees to presnt the raw facts on issues and not malicious lies.

            Michel delves deeply into how government run media, that is, media owned by the Kremlin has played an underhand role in keeping its citizens in the dark in the unfolding events in Ukraine. He uncovers how inquisitive citizens such as lawyers are jailed and tortured by the government arms. Though he does not clearly articulate why the Russian government is headed for war with Ukraine, he argues that the government of the United States is hell bent on escalating the war that may lead to Russia backing down as a result of many casualties. With this perspective in mind, the government of the United States should not supply arms to the Ukrainian government in order to avoid further bloodshed. Considering the US government left a tainted image of itself in the North African country of Libya; it should draw itself out of the controversy and seek using soft power moves such as imposing sanctions against Russia (Michel).


This perspective on the use of media effects to deliver contents to the audiences has done a great deal in shaping the opinions of a country’s citizens. Therefore, the government should collaborate with the non-state owned media channels to ensure comprehensive coverage of unfolding events across the globe and those that are of national interest.

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