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Sample Research Summary and Ethical Considerations

Research Summary and Ethical Considerations

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This study summarizes the research on the isolation of patients with flu. The study also discusses the ethical consideration. Qualitative analysis is used in the study to prove the relevance of the ethical considerations. The study also explains ways through which the findings can be used in the nursing practice.

Background of the study

Flu is one of the major outbreaks that spread quickly. It is also a killer disease. The signs and symptoms are common as it includes, running nose, headache, fever, general body tiredness, among others. However, a person experiencing such is at a higher risk of losing life if not well attended. The virus spread by contact and by air. Therefore, the public is at risk of catching the virus. There is therefore need to exercise isolation to stop the spread of the virus. Statistics show that in such cases, even the medical practitioners are afraid for their lives and hence few are willing to serve the sick patients (Rosoff, 2014).

When students work in RN in ICU, they are faced with various obstacles. Among these is that they regularly observe patients in isolation. This is especially real in seasons of flu outbreak. Patients with constant flu are mostly placed under respiratory isolation. These patients together with their family members are always depressed when they see the entire staff in masks. They observe that they are contagious and hence further get depressed. This imagination makes the members of the families fight back from wearing the masks. However, the hospital protocol states that during the flu season, anyone showing the signs and symptoms of flu and cough must be placed under the respiratory isolation. Concerning the breakout of Ebola, the protocol is to be followed until the negative respiratory cultures are eliminated.

Quarantine and isolation are part of the public health practice. These are to be implemented to reduce chances of the spread of any communicable disease (McDougall, 2010). Isolation of sick patients helps to protect the public from being infected. Exercising of isolation creates sensitive concerns in relation to the civil freedom. Previous researchers have confirmed that flu outbreaks occur in places where there are multiple outbreaks (Rosoff, 2014). The main solution in curbing this problem lies not in the emotional and psychological stress but in engaging in the ethical practices (Rosoff, 2014). These practices comprise of isolation, use of the protective gears, use of any prescribed drugs to curb any other outbreak and following any stipulate rules and policies. The public also needs to come out and trace any contacts made. This is also a precaution used in curbing the spread of the Ebola virus. The medical staff and the members of the public should ensure they have been vaccinated against the flu virus during such outbreaks. When the patient has been isolated, the medical staff needs to evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccination.


Ethical Consideration in cases of patient isolation due to Flu Outbreak

Significance to Nursing

This study will arouse reflection on the application of the ethical analysis in the practice of public health. It will also facilitate development of the public policy on isolation. This study will also help in the development of ethical reasoning in the application of the ethical considerations. Through the findings, the public will be educated on the benefits of isolation as the main method of prevention of the spread of the flu virus. The need of having the vaccine is also emphasized. This will help raise awareness to the public over the necessity of acting upon any restrictions stated by the government.


The main objective of this study is to evaluate the ethical challenges in the exercise of the public policy on the issue of isolation of patients during such outbreaks as influenza. The case is to eliminate any possible occurrence of the Ebola Virus.


Through this study, the nurses and the medical professionals will understand the ethics to be applied when dealing with isolation cases. This study is also to raise awareness over the need for isolation of the infected people in cases of the flu outbreaks. The public is to be educated on the need for protecting themselves when in contact with the affected people. They are to understand the benefits of isolation and vaccinations prior to the wide spread of the virus.

Research Questions

  1. How do you understand the flu virus?
  2. Do you know of any preventive ways?
  • In cases of emergencies, what are you to do to prevent the spread of the disease?
  1. Have you heard of isolation of the sick patients?
  2. What is the reason behind the isolation?
  3. Is it justifiable for the relatives of the sick patients to refuse to abide by the given rules?


Concepts, phenomena and Methods of study

Flu virus, just like Ebola virus is easily transmitted through air and through contact. Unlike Ebola, flu can be vaccinated. When there is an outbreak, isolation of the infected patients is mandatory, the medical team and the caregivers are to wear protective gears to curb its spread. This study seeks to find the applicable ethics in cases of isolation of the sick patients. Qualitative methodology will be applied. This is because, discussions will be utilized, and interviews, observation, and surveys will be relevant to capture the required information. The hospital management is to be separately interviewed; the medical team also will be interviewed. This category will comprise of the nurses, student nurses and other medical professionals in charge of the Intensive care unit. At least 20 members of the infected families will also be interviewed. They will be randomly chosen and requested to participate. At least 70% of this number is expected to comply and give their perception. The researchers will separately carry out a survey over a number of institutions. This includes schools, hospitals, and the public places. Observation as a method will also be employed. The research team is also to use secondary data sources. They will have to request for the data of the flu outbreak from the resident hospital. They are also to use online sources to carry the research.


The research team is expected to come up with the ethical considerations in the isolation of the sick patients in cases flu outbreak. The results are expected to contain ways of eliminating the virus in connection to the Ebola virus. The researchers are expected to confirm that it is advisable to isolate infected individuals. The caregivers are expected to wear the protective gears when in contact with the sick. Through this study, the medical professionals are expected to understand the ethics to be applied when dealing with isolation cases. The results is also to reveal if the public understands the benefits of isolation and vaccinations prior to the wide spread of the virus.

Implications to nursing

The nurses are to understand the ethics to be applied when dealing with isolation cases. They are to understand the advantages of vaccinations. This study is to arouse reflection on the application of the ethical analysis in the practice of public health. Nurses will also develop ethical reasoning in the application of the ethical considerations.

Ethical Considerations

Before carrying out the study, the researchers had to seek approval by the institutional Review Board. After following the stipulated rules, they were approved to carry on. The privacy of the patients who were also participants in the study was protected. This is in accordance with the private policies of the research. The ethical considerations should concern the absence of proper handling of the disease.


This study summarizes the research on the isolation of patients with flu. There is need to consider the ethical issues in relation to flu outbreak. Qualitative analysis is to be used in the study to prove the relevance of the ethical considerations.




McDougall, C. Ethical Questions during a Pandemic: Case Studies: National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy.  2010. Vol 1. Pages 1-17

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