Sampling Methods on Philosophy

The journal is a true-experimental since it supports the hypothesis used following the required statistical analysis (Uusitalo, & Howick, 2018). The quantitative design has been used to manipulate data and variables hypothesized to take effect on the study variable.

The article used a control group setting as a true experimental design must be conducted in group form. The researchers in the article formed control groups that were used to provide reliable and accurate baseline data

Philosophy of too much medical research article applied the random sampling method. Each of the researchers was assigned to a control group randomly to ensure that any difference arrived in a group result could only be out of chance. The sample too was randomly assigned to allow compatibility with each given cluster or sample size of each control group. In spite of all the efforts done to ensure the realization of accurate data, there’s always a chance of getting some errors no matter the audit. There are times where an audit may fail to detect an error through the use of detection risk. In case there is low control used during the audit, there are chances of low data assurance from the audit. The author has acknowledged the sample criteria since the researchers have tried to figure out the reason for too much intake of medicine in the recent past throughout the study (Torgerson, & Torgerson, 2016).

The study involves research about the relationship between philosophy and medicines which are the variables measured in the study to come up with the final findings.

The research utilized the use of focus groups, records, and documents to collect the required data to come up with accurate and viable results.

Ultimately, the research has used a true-experimental design that involved randomization of participants in the research and the experimental controlled groups hence receiving the intervention that is in test and the groups in comparison waiting to receive conventional placebo (Torgerson, & Torgerson, 2016).

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