Sat 4 | Management homework help

 I choose option 2


Select the option that best describes your interest in leadership at the present time.

1.  I am, or want to become, a manager and leader.

2. I am, or want to become, a leader without being a manager.

3. I am not interest in being a leader; I want to be a follower.

If you want to be a leader, research has shown that you can develop your leadership skills.

If you selected Option 1, do you have a LMP? If you answered “yes,” it does not guarantee that you will climb the corporate ladder. However, having a LMP does increase your chances since it is a predictor of leadership success. On the other hand, a LMP is not enough since you need leadership skills to be successful. If your Self-Assessment Three score does not indicate that you have a LMP, go back to Self-Assessment One (pg. 33) and review Questions 1, 6, 11, 16, and 21. Did you score them accurately? The most important question is 16. If you believe that you have an LMP, be aware that your profile could be different using McClelland’s LMP questionnaire. Recall that not all successful leaders have a LMP. Developing your leadership skills, through effort, can increase your change of leadership success. Your personality profile can help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses to identify areas to improve upon.

If you selected Option 2, do not be concerned about your LMP. Focus on developing your leadership skills. Your personality profile can help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses to identify areas to improve upon.

If you selected Option 3, that is fine. Most people in the general population probably would select this option. Many professionals who have great jobs and incomes are followers and they have no interest in becoming managers. Recall that research has shown that leaders and followers need the same skills, that organizations are looking for employees with leadership skills, and that organizations conduct skills training with employees at all levels. To increase the chances of having a successful and satisfying career, you may want to develop your leadership skills since someday you may change your mind about becoming a leader and manager.

Your need for power and LMP can change over time, along with your interest in leadership and management and your skill level, regardless of which of the three options you selected in this leadership interest self-assessment.


Which option did you select? After reading the first two chapters, are you changing your position about being a “people” manager versus being an “individual contributor” or a combination of the two? Describe your thoughts on this matter along with some information from the textbook that surprised you in terms of leadership. In a one-page (maximum) argument, make at least three assertions about the meaning(s) of this self-assessment test to you and support them with example(s). Write a convincing case that presents a strong defense for your argument.

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