Save this document to your desktop as a Word document.


This assignment will allow you to create an evidence-based practice project that includes the development of a PICO question and follows the initial steps of the Iowa Model.  You will share your findings using an APA formatted paper.

Submitting your assignment

Save this document to your desktop as a Word document.
Open the document from your desktop and review the assignment instructions and grading rubric.
Create a separate Word document for your paper.

Return to the course and upload your paper and your nursing research article that was approved by your coach in Module 2 to the assignment submission link in Module Four.  Please note: if you forget to upload your nursing quantitative research article, a 5 point penalty will be applied to your paper.

Instructions for Completing Your Assignment

Step one:  Using the topic you chose for Module 2 Searching for a Quantitative Nursing article, identify a nursing clinical practice question that you would like to explore.   

Step two: Complete the readings from Module Four.  Use the readings from Module Four to put your nursing clinical practice question into a PICO format.  

Step three:  Search for a nursing quantitative research article (or two) that relates to your PICO question using Academic Search Complete, CINHAL, Pubmed, Google Scholar, or any other database that contains nursing research articles.  Please note: you may be able to use the article that you submitted in Module Two to meet this requirement.

The article you will find must meet the following mandatory requirements:

It must be based on the topic list attached here.
It must be from a nursing research journal or have a nurse as an author.
It must be no more than 5 years old from the current publication year.
It must include implications and / or interventions that are applicable to nursing practice.
It may not be a qualitative article, systematic review, meta-synthesis, meta-analysis, meta-summary, integrative review or a retrospective / quality improvement study. For more information on how to recognize these types of article see Grove, Gray, and Burns (2015) pp. 22-24.
It may not be a clinical information article or “how-to” article.

Step four:  If you have questions about your PICO question formatting or the nursing quantitative research article that you found, post them to the Q & A discussion board for feedback from your peers.

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