– Select a topic from the list given below and conduct research

In this assessment you are required to –
– Select a topic from the list given below and conduct research (based on literature, at least three recent research papers) on any major aspect of this chosen topic and prepare a summary report with brief supportive descriptions to post on the forum/blog. In your posting you should provide information about the topic (discuss the topic, associated challenges & problems, describe the relevant technologies, applications of the technologies, clarify vague areas, research questions etc.)
– Provide constructive feedback for (at least two) cohort colleagues and receive feedback from (at least two) cohort colleagues on your own report and make refinements accordingly.
– Raise questions about the information provided by other students (this must be done in an adequately professional manner)
– Respond to questions raised about your own information and that of other students
– Contribute to discussions in general

Note that the aim of this task is:
1. to build an understanding and perspective of current hot topics in Information Security; and
2. to build generic skills including, but not limited to:
– a capacity for teamwork and collaboration;
– an ability for critical thinking, analysis and problem solving;
– information technology literacy;
– a capacity for lifelong learning and an appreciation of its necessity.

As such, the more you contribute to the development of these topics and related discussion the more likely you will score well in this task.
Topics Set
1. Cyberterrorism
2. Biometrics for authentication: past. present and future
3. Web Browser Attacks
4. Recent trends in malware
5. Anomaly-based intrusion detection systems
6. Quantum cryptography
7. Privacy and security issues associated with Big Data
8. Smart device security
9. Internet of Things (IOT): Security issues and solutions
10. Threats to wireless networks and countermeasures
11. Security and privacy issues associated with social media
12. Security and privacy issues in cloud computing
a. Provide your published (to the forum/blog) research report on the chosen topic with brief supportive descriptions about the challenges, problems, relevant technologies, applications of the technologies, clarification on vague areas and research questions.
b. Summarize the issues discussed in the forum (at least two peers). Discuss how your own posts contributed to this knowledge and discuss whether or not the summary presented by your peers is accurate.
c. Identify any important issue/s that you believe were not addressed, or not addressed adequately in the discussions. Discuss why you view this issue/these issues as important.
d. Discuss the impact of the above mentioned issues and their application/impact in the real world.
e. Reflect on what you believe to be the most important lesson you have learnt as a result of these discussions.
f. Provide references (at least three) using APA referencing system including in text citations.
Depending on the topic selected, this assessment item relates to a number of key learning outcomes of your subject.
Its also provides an opportunity for you to :
– demonstrate factual knowledge, understanding and application of state-of-art information security;
– demonstrates an understanding of what constitutes authoritative and valid evidence
– demonstrate ability to identify, locate, critique, integrate and apply information from various topics and ;
– apply valid and applicable knowledge and understanding to a practical situation;
– analyse current data to construct and communicate new knowledge
– demonstrate ability to work in a team, sharing knowledge.

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