Social Change Portfolio

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Create a section in your Social Change Portfolio called “Introduction,” and provide an introductory paragraph about your Social Change Portfolio.
Create a section in your Social Change Portfolio called “Scope and Consequences” and include the following information:

-The target problem you identified within your community-TARGET PROBLEM: Homelessness in Los Angeles.

-Describe the scope of the problem, such as, the prevalence rates in your community, how those rates compare to national averages, and information about trends. Focus on local trends if available but if local data is not available, then describe national trends. For your project, trends refers to whether rates are increasing or decreasing or if there are other changes in the problem over time.

-Describe the consequences of this problem in your community including physical health consequences, mental health consequences, social/educational/family consequences, and economic consequences.

-Provide a one sentence goal statement for your Social Change Portfolio.

Note: For the purposes of this course, your focus is to develop a plan, but not to actually implement the project. In goal setting, consider what is truly achievable. A vast goal such as, “eliminate teen substance abuse in my community,” is unrealistic.
Instead, a goal such as “increase awareness of teen substance abuse and identify resources and a plan to reduce teen substance abuse” is more realistic.

Be sure to support the content in your portfolio with specific references and identify current relevant literature to support your work.

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