Some suggestions for working in a group

You are required (as a group with up to four members) to write a report based on a given case study. This assignment will account for 30% of the course and Peer assessment a further 10%
The Details of the assignment topic can now be found at the bottom of this page.

The case study can be found on pages 207 to 223 of the attached PDF file “Integrated Reporting, Concepts and Cases that Redefine Corporate Accountability” at the end of this page below. The rest of the document will provide valuable information on the topic of Integrated report and corporate sustainability and links to further reading which you will need to have for tackling the assignment. So do not just limited your reading to chapter 13 of this document. 

Some suggestions for working in a group

Things to consider in order to work effectively as a team:
•    How often are we going to meet to discuss progress?
•    Set tasks for each person to achieve prior to each meeting.
•    How will you handle a team member if they do not do the agreed work?
•    Who is going to submit the assignment into Moodle? The assignment should only be submitted once for the group.

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