Technology And Innovation

Select any two (2) latest trends in innovation and technology and critically review its implication on the banking environment. The general format of the assignment should include introducing the trends and issues and then providing recommendations and steps on correcting the issue. The coursework should be approximately 1500 words (a margin of 10% is given) and should demonstrate research beyond the material covered in lectures. The actual word count of the assignment must be stated by the student on the first page (cover sheet) of the assignment. The word count excludes: abstract, footnotes, tables, figures, diagrams and charts, assignment cover sheet and cover page, and reference list. For consistency across all assignments, students are required to present assignments in a standard format: – Font: Verdana – Font size: 11 points – Line spacing: 1.5 spaced – Margins: Normal (2.5 cm) Printing (for non-electronic copies): double-sided Referencing: Harvard citation style The essay will be marked based on the following: RESEARCH – Appropriate introduction to the paper – Understanding of the subject matter covered in the assessment task – Degree of analytical ability and critical insight using a range of sources and literature – Level of comprehension of relevant academic literature and financial economic application – Presentation of data and analysis – Recommendations based upon discussion PRESENTATION – Organization and structure – Clear headings and subheadings – Clarity of expression and originality of expression – Grammar, punctuation, spelling, proof-reading – Footnotes-Endnotes (if used) – Bibliography Grades in the higher end of the marking band are awarded for outstanding pieces of work that demonstrate a thorough understanding of the material covered in the assessment, an exceptional knowledge of relevant theory and rigorous application. Plagiarism will be dealt with seriously. The cutoff for Turnitin originality score is at 15%. The coursework and Turnitin originality report should be submitted to the NUBS Administration Office on Thursday 13th April 2018 (week 31) no later than 2.00 pm. Five marks will be deducted for each working day if the coursework is submitted after the official deadline date without an extension having been obtained.

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