. The assignment must cover everything mentioned

Check the attached requirements for the new I.T assignment and let me know how much will it cost? Assignment must be based on the Gap company’s case study attached. And please check the other documents for requirements. Diagram must be similar type to the diagram in extra info attached? Please see following docs attached Assignment1_template–Should be based on this template Assignment information Extra info for diagram example for Gap company And Gap company’s case study, please see below explanation for assistance to support the assignment. It is required by 5th of April, As per the assessment info document, the requirement is to complete Task1 which is made up of Task1a and Task1b And Task2 needs to be completed which is again made up of Task2a and Task2b. The assignment should be according to the attached template to keep standards. The assignment must cover everything mentioned within the attached case study for Gap company. Just a small summary as per the tasks we need to work out following as well which i’ve studied. Q1a Identify IT assests as per the case study and, what asset class they belong to, then determine what business value to represent within the case study for GAP company. In the case Gap digitilised the entire product inventory system and introduce retail services etc. So it is obviously a trasactional asset class. In identifiation of the Gap assets you may have to do some guesstimates if not clear in case study. So for example, HR system, payroll, wifi they are infrastrutral assets but not be mention in the case study. The assignment must cover everything mentioned within the case study. I have studied four asset classes: 1. Transactional asset class. 2. Infrastructural asset class. 3. Stretegic Asset class. 4. Informational Asset Class. Q1b. It’s Gap’s I.T protofolio is the balance protofolio for the Gap, and look at the risk return profile of eash asset class and then make a judgment or justificaton why we believe their I.T asset class is risk protofolio

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