The big Lebowski

The film, The Big Lebowski has a story with two themes from both extremes of the world, crime, and comedy. The two topics make it an ideal film to be studied for the purposes of understanding the art and entertainment as achieved by use of films. The plot of the movie is focused on crimes, but the execution included comedy.

           The production of the film appreciates the art of the writer and the artistic skill of the actors. The characters of the Big Lebowski are complex, it is not easy to understand their personality. For instance, the kidnappers ask for ransom and discover they attacked the wrong Lebowski. It is not easy to tell which character is evil before the end of the play (life of handyman, 2006). That is one quality that makes the film stand out (Sospiro, 2015). The figures support the plot of the film adequately. The stars of the movie, The Dude, show the problems that could come with mistaken identity when his wife is kidnaped (Sospiro, 2015).The development of the plot is artistic, unpredictable and very entertaining.

           The film exposes the viewers to the various aspects of an entertaining movie. The lighting and the music used in the film speak volumes about the kind of production team put it together the (life of handyman, 2006). The main character is featured throughout the film, in every scene he is present. It a unique aspect, his presence is there even at the point where Stormare orders pancakes, the Dude’s van is packed behind the diner. It is no easy task to keep the appearance of the start character alive so well throughout the film (Sospiro, 2015). The Dude’s maintained presence is a critical aspect that can be learned by the audience as well the appropriate lighting used throughout the movie. The lighting and the music emphasize the importance and significance of the scenes.

In conclusion, The Big Lebowski the title refers to a Lebowski, who is not the star character. It is a bit confusing, but the actor makes sure to remind the audience often by referring to him in various scenes in the film. The film presents the audience with a rich opportunity to study character execution, light balancing as well music used in the making of the film. All these aspects put together, serve the purpose of entertainment as well as educative.


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