The Most Important and the Least Important Elements Learned in My Social Science Program and Why they are so

One of the most important elements that I have learned in my social science program is the basic concept that social sciences are a study that is basically about human beings. That is, in terms of their behaviors and other social factors (such as: culture, economics, location, and many more) that affect their normal development. This knowledge I value more because it makes one become an active participant in social development issues. This active participation is one that involves applying knowledge gained to assess existing problems and solving them in collaboration with other interested parties. This basic effort is found to be very important for the purposes of sustaining human life (NCSS, n.d). What has been of least importance to me is the political aspect that influences humanity which in particular is political science that is concerned with the political behaviors and activities such as: voting processes, constitutional development, and others. This is of least important to me because of several reasons and they are: (1) it involves a lot of debates and therefore, it may take ages to reach to agreements (2) politicians are hard to work with and at some instances, developing studies for the sake of advising them could become futile. That is, many of them have divided interests (3) a wide range of experience is required to perform effectively in this field which I do not have (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, n.d). This is to say that I place what is more importance on elements that have a connection with my interests and abilities which I anticipate in applying after my educational training.

How I Plan to Utilize the Knowledge and Skills Learned in the University in My Professional Life

This I build from the understanding that what I have gained at the university which covers knowledge and skills, as well as my educational experience are long-term assets that I will use to develop myself as well as my community. Moreover, because the level of this achievement determines how much development one can make, I will strive to further my educational training accordingly. So far a desire has grown in me to focus on research work and more in particular in the line of health. My current level of professional training has taught me what research is all about and how to conduct it successfully. My next aim is to look for related jobs to apply my present knowledge and skills as I prepare to further my studies in community health studies. The aim of looking for a job is to gain some work experience that will enable make informed choices when it comes to choosing a course for my further studies (Pathways to Getting Ahead, n.d).

An Advice to Give a Student who is thinking About Giving up before completing His/her Degree

 The best advice I can give to the student is trying to appreciate how his/her course is relevant to the community and assessing how his/her interests match with his/her course and in which particular area of the course. For instance if it is social sciences, he/she needs to assess if it is political science that will work for best for him/her or research work, social work or any other field. This effort is important because; higher levels of learning do offer a wide range of courses which the community needs and those that can enable one to economically develop at the individual level; the latter being a basic requirement in human life. Having this in mind can motivate him/her to work hard and complete his/her degree (Pathways to Getting Ahead, n.d).


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