The total scheme of introducing the cars

TOPIC: “Implementation of on the road mobile chargers for electric cars” Please submit, all as one document, the following items that constitute a formal proposal: 1. letter/memo of transmittal 2. executive summary 3. proposal The introduction of electric cars in the United States of America has created a new wave in the already matured and booming market of automobiles in the country. The total scheme of introducing the cars is actively supported by tAhe Federal Government of the United States and is also hugely sponsored by private parties (Partovi, 2017). The ambitious project started by some automobile manufacturing companies like Nissan, General Motors and Tesla have garnered colossal interest both locally as well as internationally. The popularity of the electric vehicles thus demands a lot better infrastructure and more advanced technologies to make sure that the ones buying them faces no problem in general. The researcher has proposed the formation of mobile charging points in different key locations in the roads and highways so that the drivers do not face any problems while driving (He, Yin & Zhou, 2015). However, few problems need to be addressed before implementing the following scheme; 1. The enormous cost involved in the setting up of the infrastructure 2. Huge Maintenance cost of the installations 3. A software problem may be hazardous to the system and will render it ineffective A proper formulation with the concerned authorities can be helpful to remove the barriers and step towards the future of profitable and pollution free transportation. The following proposal is a formal presentation that seeks to draw the attention of the government and especially the private players to establish the next technology and ensure a swift movement for all the electric vehicles.

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