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The UK Government Should Increase the Number of Selective Grammar Schools

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Is your ideology in favor of the policy or against the policy? What would be the main reason why you are in favor or against?

You must write use parliamentary language to engage the reader.

You must write complex sentences.

You must suggest 3 reasons why your ideology would want to support or challenge the policy.

How the other 2 ideologies might disagree with your points and how you would deal with its what evidence would you use to argue against their criticism?

following political ideologies which link/clear/good/logic to the topic:
1) Liberalism
In addition, good speeches often include statistics that make the listener believe… we hear numbers. % figures and we believe in them.

Introduction/ opening statement:
• Give an outline of your ideology, what it believes and a key argument
and message regarding the topic
Main points:
• Section for each one (3 or 4)
• Make your point clear by explaining it – (Think about Point, Evidence, Explain for each paragraph)
• Support your point with evidence
• Make sure at least one of your points includes objection-handling/counter
Conclusion/ closing statement:
• Summary of main points
• What you want to happen next  

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