Topic 10 assignment: research paper | HA3010 Introduction to US Healthcare Delivery | National American University

 HA3010 – Introduction to US Healthcare Delivery-HA3110D – Quality Improvement and Risk Management

 Topic 10 Assignment: Research Paper

 For this assignment, submit the research paper you have been working on over the past few weeks. 

This paper should be over the topic of your choice in the area of health care cost-cutting and cost-effectiveness of providing care. This broad “umbrella topic” provides you with a lot of topics such as diagnosis-related groups (DRGs), HMOs, PPOs, movement to ambulatory care, managed care, generic drug use, etc…

Here are examples of the top topics that students have chosen in the past

1. Medicare, Medicaid, and their cost-effectiveness and cost savings.

2. PPO vs. HMO’s and their cost-effectiveness and cost savings.

3. Generic drugs vs. name-brand drugs and their cost-effectiveness and cost savings.

4. Compare different long term services and their cost-effectiveness and cost savings (just like you discussed in week 7).

5. Any other topic you would like….just get it approved by me this week in your paper prep submission.

The paper is due the last day of class. This paper must:

be at least 3 pages (double-spaced) not including cover page or references

include at least 3 references 

Do not plagiarize; this error is best avoided by properly paraphrasing authors’ works and giving credit to the author.

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