Types of change week 3 mgmt


Option #2: Types of Change

Module 3 introduced the following types of change: first-order, second-order, transformational, downsizing, technological, and mergers and acquisitions. Select one of these types of change and locate a scholarly research article about it from the CSU-Global library (Links to an external site.). Prepare a 6-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

  • Slide 1: Title slide with the title of the article, your name, CSU-Global, and the date.
  • Slide 2: The title of the article, the type of change being addressed, and the purpose or problem that the study addressed.
  • Slide 3: How the study was conducted, the number of organizations or people involved in the study, how data was collected and analyzed, and other related details.
  • Slide 4: The findings and implications of the study.
  • Slide 5: Your reflections regarding what you learned.
  • Slide 6: A full APA citation for the article with URL.

The length and formatting requirements are as follows:

Throughout this course, be sure to use the Business Management & Administration Research Guide (Links to an external site.) in the CSU-Global library. Here you can:

  • Locate a variety of sources dealing with ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and business management.
  • Gather information specific to different aspects of business ethics.
  • Use the sample PowerPoint presentation as a model.
  • Access writing and citing help.

Review the Critical Thinking Assignment rubric in the Module 3 folder for details regarding grading standards.

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