WDYK Interdisciplinary Studies


One way that we learn is by being creative.  Although the ways in which our creativity manifests may be different, everyone has a creative side that can be engaged to express our knowledge.  Often expressing what we know or have learned through something other than writing an essay or taking a test can help us learn more and deeper.  Further, every profession requires some degree of creativity.  While some professions may be viewed as more creative, such as graphic design, all professions will need workers who can be creative.  For example, someone working in logistics would have to use creativity to determine how to reroute multiple cargo deliveries if a major highway system collapsed.  Thus, practicing creativity can help us exercise the creative side of our brain to develop creativity skills for better learning and future situations that may occur on the job.    

Aesthetics includes the creation or appreciation of subjective expressions.  Developing through aesthetics can help us connect better with self, which can then enhance transpersonal caring with others and opening ourselves to exploring knowledge through arts and humanities can enhance our understanding (Watson, 2008).  For this project, you will create an aesthetic representation of one of the Caritas described in your Sitzman & Watson textbook, connecting this to how you can learn and grow as a caring person, applying the theory to your future work. 

This assignment will aid you in meeting the following course outcomes:

Adapt written and oral communication to specific rhetorical purposes and audiences.
Recognize and begin to implement the skills necessary to become life-long, active learners through the exploration of an academic topic that focuses on a contemporary and/or enduring topic, question, or problem.

To successfully complete this assignment, you will explore and consider Watson’s theory of human caring, specifically considering what each Caritas within the theory means.  Think about which Caritas is most meaningful to you, how you can learn and grow as a caring person, and use the theory in your future profession.  You will create an original aesthetic representation of one Caritas, using any medium of your choice.  You must be able to upload an image of the aesthetic component to CourseDen discussions and an assignment folder through a Word document, PDF file, jpg, or gif.  Any video files must be mp4 or MPGEV formats.  Video files should not exceed one minute total viewing time.  Keep in mind that you will also present your project in class, so any video file should only show the project, not provide an explanation.  Some possible formats for the project are poetry, music (instrumental and/or lyrical), visual arts (collage, sculpture, painting, etc.), textile works, or any artistic representation of your choice. If you need guidance, talk with your professor.  Regardless of the selected medium, your aesthetic component should clearly convey the Caritas on which you are focusing.  You will also write and submit a brief explanation of your project.  The written component should include the following:

A brief explanation of the Caritas and how it connects to the theory.
A brief explanation of how this Caritas can help you learn and grow as a caring person.
How the selected Caritas can be applied to your future work.


The aesthetic component should be completely original with all components created by you.  In other words, you should not use images or quotes from someone else. 
The written component of your project must include at least one scholarly source to support your discussion of the Caritas.  This should be a primary source meaning that since Dr. Watson created the theory, she should be one of the authors you use. 
The aesthetic component must be able to be submitted to CourseDen for viewing by your fellow classmates and instructor. 
The written component should be prepared in a Word document following APA formatting guidelines.  Scholarly writing is expected and will include correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Because the written component is in APA format it should include a title page and reference page. 
Submit an image or written form of your aesthetic component to the CourseDen discussion forum and the appropriate CourseDen assignment submission folder.  Copy and paste the written component into the discussion forum.  By the due date and time on the course schedule, reply to at least two other students.

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