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– Week 1 – Post Your Introduction

– Week 1 – Post Your Introduction

Your introduction is due on Day 1 (Tuesday). You have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your peers.

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Discussion Participation

  • If you do not see the “+ Respond” link, or any responses, you may need to scroll down the page.
  • When you are the first to contribute, you will see only the “+ Respond” link.
  • If any classmates have posted, you will see their comments, along with the “+ Respond” link.
  • The “+ Respond” link – as well as any responses – will be displayed at the bottom of the page.
Post Your Introduction
Reflect: Think of a piece of writing that is meaningful to you (this could be a book, story, article, poem, film script, play, or essay). Why do you enjoy this work? How might the work be significant not only to you, but to society? If you cannot think of a piece of writing to share, please find a quote that speaks to you.  
Write: Introduce yourself to the class. Then, share the quote or piece of writing that you find meaningful with the class and include an explanation as to why this quote is significant to you. If possible, provide a link to the work or quote for others to gain information. Make sure that your introductory post is at least 200 words in length.  
Respond to Peers: Respond to at least three of your classmates’ introductions. Each response should be at least 50 words in length. Use this forum and/or the Ashford Cafe to get acquainted and for ongoing non-content related discussions.   Discussion Board Requirements 101Lindsay Bryde7/6/2016 12:00 AMHi all,

Each course has different requirements for the discussion forums, and in order to make sure we are all on the same page in this course, I’m re-posting a compilation of my posted faculty expectations (which are based on the expectations set for most Ashford English courses) and the assignment requirements stated in your forums. Please be aware that you must hit the minimum post requirements for every forum (INCLUDING THE INTRODUCTION POST). I highly recommend composing your posts in Word, which has a word count at the bottom of the screen, so you can copy and paste your work in the forums once you know that all of the minimums have been met.

To receive full credit for the discussion posts you must include the following:At least 200 words in your initial post.At least two responses (three for the introduction forum) to your classmates’ posts of at least 75 words in length.Correct grammar and spelling.Appropriate and engaging content that adds to the discussion. Do not just agree with your peers, tell us why, and if you have a counter opinion then please make sure you are fully explaining your point of view in clear detail.Citations do not count towards the word count.Wordy language or circular arguments will not count towards the word count. If you are doing this then you are not directly discussing and analyzing the film with the necessary depth that is expected content-wise for this course.If you are struggling with the exact forum’s topic then please discuss what you find troublesome or what is engaging you on the subject. This way your peers and I can help you with any troubling concepts, or engage you in further discourse on what you are feeling engaged by. A big goal of the discussion board is critical inquiry and practicing analysis using the concepts we are learning in the textbook. This is why these initial posts are critical to helping you make the concepts practical and more firmly placed in your brain before you work on the other written assignments.As always, if you have questions then please post to my forum or e-mail me.

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