(week 10) two set of discussions questions to post for mba level

(Week 10) Two set of discussions questions to post for MBA level Business Employment Law Online!


Please Read Instructions First:  This assignment “DOES NOT” require APA style.  No headers or cover page is needed.  I must post on online for class.  I attached an example format for discussion questions” so you can see how the discussions questions should be formatted and answered.  All work should be original with no plagiarism and in proper English grammar.  The responses should include answering the main discussion questions, fully, including proper cites as well.  When you use citations and resources, I should be able to look it up to find where you got it from and to ensure they are accurate.  (USE ALL BOOK, JOURNALS, MAGAZINE ARTICLES, PUBLICATIONS, CITATIONS AND RESOURCES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT FROM THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA!)  I highlighted the questions in “red, bold, italic and underlined” so you know which ones to answer.  Each discussion question should cover the question completely and be a paragraph or more in length.  The more in-depth the information is, the better.



Discussion Questions 1


“Terminating and Downsizing”  Please respond to the following:


Review attachment “Breach of an Implied Contract!”


Choose two (2) factors from those discussed in the attachment “Breach of an Implied Contract” that may cause a possible breach of an implied contract.  Suggest two (2) strategies that an employer may use to avoid these possible breaches from occurring.  Justify your response.



Discussion Questions 2


“Terminating and Downsizing”  Please respond to the following:

From the following two (2) acts: National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), and  Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).  Determine two (2) major challenges that each of the selected acts may cause within an organization, and then outline a plan to prevent the challenges from adversely affecting the organization or employees.  Justify your response.

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