Week 3 Law Mid Assignment

Assignment 2B: Locating Four Required Ground Courses

As an ABA requirement of the paralegal program, you must take four traditional-format, on-ground courses at a local college. Please find a college near you that offers a paralegal program. Does it have a Legal Research and Writing I course (which is a required on-ground class)? What other three classes do you want to take in the traditional format?

For this assignment, answer those questions in a brief essay. Also, please attach a copy of the course descriptions from the local college’s catalog. (You may either copy and paste that information from the local college’s website or scan it from a hard copy of the college’s catalog). Finally, please email that information to your Academic Counselor and post in the Sumission Area a screenshot of the emailed reply from your AC.

Submit your document to the Submissions Area By the due date assigned.

Name your document SUO_LGS1001_W3_Mid2B_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

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