What are your organisation’s aims

 Critically discuss your chosen organisation and its business environments. That means answering questions such as: What is the organisation’s core business? What are your organisation’s aims and strategic objectives? What industry does it operate in? Who are the main players in the industry and their strengths and weaknesses? How is the competition in the marketplace? What is the position of your organisation in the industry? How large is its market? How many people work in the organisation? What are your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Any additional information you feel is warranted. • Critically discuss the current state of play of digital enterprise/e-business in the industry sector of your organisation and the use of digital enterprise/e-business in the industry by looking at such perspectives as best practices, emerging trends, and future directions. Do some research on the Internet; search newspapers, look at trade magazines; contact the relevant industry association; look at websites of your organisation’s competitors; talk to people

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