What if the internet were female?

Questions on the Reading

       1. Why do you think women have not been interested in computer science careers?

2. What do you think are the barriers to women in technology? Are they cultural, institutional, or individual? What actions or activities might make technology of more interest to women?

3. What images come to mind when you think of someone who works with computers? Where do you think these images originate?

4. What can computer science programs do to recruit and retain more women? Discuss the ramifications (long term effects) of the computer science discipline remaining male dominated.

5. Why do you think women are more interested in using Pinterest? What aspects of the platform have caused its strong appeal to women? Why do you think men have not adopted Pinterest? What are the elements of a platform with broad appeal?

6. Look at the way that gender is represented on technology websites and publications. Why do these representations exist? What effect do you think these representations have on women’s usage of technology?

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