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What is corporate leadership?

Political Leadership
addressing the following:
Compare and contrast a famous political leader with a famous business leader. To what extent is political leadership different from corporate leadership? How? Why?

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Please do what is highlighted in red and make sure u look at the rubric to see how it will be mark
What to do

What is corporate leadership? or leadership styles? Make sure is discussion with reference to example for Bill Gates (600 words excluding reference)
Harvard reference style also intext referencing and please use this link to find books or articles to do with political leadership
Need to be very easy to read no need for big words I need to be able to present it

Group Presentation
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeAbility to communicate effectively with an online audience
Includes preparation of equipment for online presentations, coordination between group members, speaking with authority, engagement with the audience, and clarity of delivery. This criterion also relates to the ability to generate discussion through questions at the end of the presentation. 8.0 Pts
Full Marks 0.0 Pts
No Marks
8.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeQuality of PowerPoint Presentation
Includes readability, editing, referencing, and information provided. 4.0 Pts
Full Marks 0.0 Pts
No Marks
4.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeUse of evidence and examples
Includes engagement with the details of the leaders and the relevant academic literature. 8.0 Pts
Full Marks 0.0 Pts
No Marks
8.0 pts
Total points: 20.0

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