what is the area of surveillance practice to be addressed

To provide government with a policy paper that analyses big data as an important contemporary surveillance issue. Identify the key issues and (potential) impacts associated with big data recommend course(s) of action for government. Possible key issues that relate to your case study might include: inequities in impact for different populations affected by the program, the lawfulness of the program, issues of government oversight and accountability, potential impacts for privacy, civil liberties, and human rights. A general outline of the report should look as follows (word estimates are for guidance only and you can use sub-headings – these will not be counted in the word count): 1. Problem statement: what is the area of surveillance practice to be addressed? What is the key issue that underpins this example? (Only a few sentences needed, 50 words or so) 2. Evidence: provide details from literature/articles, government reports, on the problem. (Approximately 725 words) 3. Key issues for government, private sector groups, and/or citizens that are implicated in the case study. For example, here is where you might explore issues of impacts on social justice, privacy, human rights, and/or other interests (Approximately 725 words) 4. Recommendations: discuss and justify your reasons for how the problem(s) should be addressed. You can number your recommendations if you wish (Approximately 500 words)

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