Wk 6 responses 2


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Responses to Colleagues Template

Additional Alternatives or Suggestions to Colleague

Comparison of Colleagues Ideas to IDEO Ideas

Positive Feedback on New Perspectives Supporting Creative Environment

APA References

By Day 7

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.

Respond to two of your colleagues (select colleagues, if possible, who have not yet received feedback on their original post) in one or more of the following ways:

  • Based on your experience and the resources from the course, provide that person with additional suggestions and/or alternative approaches that he or she may not have considered specific to his or her evaluation.
  • Compare your colleagues’ ideas with what IDEO found to be successful. Does IDEO offer additional ideas that would enhance the potential for success of your colleagues’ suggestions?
  • Provide positive feedback that describes how the post gave you new perspectives on how to support and encourage a creative environment in the workplace. Provide details about how those perspectives influence the way you now think about creativity in the workplace.
















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Patricia Heffron

RE: Discussion 2 – Week 6


Factors That Contribute to a Creative Climate Specific to Both Individuals and Teams


At my current place of employment, the work culture is incredibly supportive of creativity. We are able to openly discuss ideas and come up with possible solutions to problems that may present themselves. We are autonomous and encouraged to “use your judgment†in any situation. The work culture is humorous and the team has fun with each other. We regularly play jokes on each other and tell jokes and stories that lighten the mood and gives us energy. This is helpful when coming up with solutions to problems as a team and encourages collaboration. Being autonomous and allows to use our judgment in situations helps our individual employees to implement their solutions independently.


Factors That Supported Creativity of Employees and Teams


The factors that I find most support the creativity of individuals and teams are the ability to have fun and fun being encouraged, allowed to be autonomous and not always having to contact management prior to making decisions, open communication, and having a supportive manager and medical director that are open to new ideas and help with creative ways to solve problems. These are the factors that I experience every day at work and have always been supported when making decisions and implementing ideas (Puccio et al, 2011).


Initiative That Could Strengthen Climate of Creativity


I do not believe that there is a 100% perfect company and most can improve in an area or two. My company could improve creativity and innovation by having increased transparency with the corporate office and each facility having more independence from the corporate office. This would help in individual facilities to make the best decisions for their office location and allow the on site employees to implement their teams creative solutions. An office in Texas and not thrive with ideas created for an office in New York. I think that freeing up the “going by the book†mentality would allow for offices to work in the same manner, only with a few tweaks.


APA References


Puccio, G. J., Mance, M., & Murdock, M. C. (2011). Creative climate: Work environment

           Allows IDEO to deliver promise of innovation. In Puccio, Mance, & Murdock,Creative

           leadership: Skills that drive change(pp. 314-320). Los Angeles, CA: Sage.




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John Ezomo

RE: Discussion 2 – Week 6


                                          WMBA 6020: Discussion 2: Shared Practice: Case Study: IDEO and Creativity

                                                                                     John Ezomo

                                                                           Walden University



Innovation plays a significant role in the development of an organization. This is because it creates a room within an organization that allows the organizationâ€s employees to make the organizationâ€s existing products better than they are. Many successful companies that are successful all over the world have embraced the whole ideology of creating a room for innovation with their company. A perfect example is IDEO and Apple. These two companies are leading companies within the innovation scope because the companies have been a position to create an innovative climate for their employees.

When an organizationâ€s leaders create a room for a creative environment within their organization, they are more likely to make their organizations get a step ahead of their competitors and also capture the attention of the companyâ€s clientele with expectations of having better products that will have the capacity of fulfilling their desires. Lab Tech is a company that supports innovation among its employees just like other successful companies such as IDEO do. This paper is going to look at the ways that Lab Tech has managed to create a supportive environment for s creative climate within its business operations. 

Factors That Contribute to a Creative Climate Specific to Both Individuals and Teams

1.         Position innovation

This is an innovation technique that offers much support in a companyâ€s formation and structure. Position innovation takes care of the way that the companyâ€s products are offered to the market. This implies that innovations within this scope allow the company to come up with the necessary marketing techniques that allow the company to effectively sell its products to the clientele. Lab Tech has managed to offer its products to the clients because of employing the best techniques in their marketing. Every other company including IDEO has managed to get on top within their industries because they have used the right approaches in letting their consumers and target market know about them. With the right marketing techniques, companies can have the ability to stay ahead of their competitors, beat the competition, and also increase the sales of their products and services to the consumers.

2.         Paradigm Innovation

A better way that the company can be in the apposition of gaining the clienteleâ€s trust is through the application of the right way to let the people know about what the company does. How the company presents itself is a determining factor if the people will appreciate the companyâ€s product and if they will be able to identify with the company. The company has encouraged its employees to be creative when it comes to presenting the company to the people. Besides that, the company has also established its brand and made sure that it uses all the creativity at its disposal to present an inviting image to the consuming population.

Factors that Contribute to the Creative Climate

The previous segment of this paper has discussed that the company advocates for creativity among its employees because it would like to maintain its competitive nature in the business environment it is operating. This is the main factor that is the driving force for the companyâ€s support for creativity among its employees. Other factors have an impact on the creative climate within the company. These factors play a major role in the creativity of the employees who have been employed at Lab Tech Corporation.

Two main factors have significance in the creative climate that is within this magnificent organization that makes it possible for musicians and other creative to have the ability to make the most out of the music that they create. Knowledge sharing is one of the factors that have a major contribution to the creativity climate at Lab Tech. the company allows the sharing of information about the current innovations that are taking place in the technology industry. This is an important factor in the enhancement of the creativity level of the employees who work in our organization. The other factor that has significance in the creative climate in the company is associated with the companyâ€s leadership. The companyâ€s HR management practices create room for creativity and innovation within the company because the company offers rewards to employees who come up with successful innovations. This inspires employees to be more creative with the desire to be acknowledged and appreciated by the company. (Qi et al., 2019)

Initiative that could improve and strengthen climate of creativity

The company can come up with initiatives that have been designed to improve the creative climate at the company. This can be done through the motivation of employees and their appreciation. The company can foster the creative atmosphere through the creation of time for employees to focus on improving the company with the necessary innovation they come up with.


Many other ways can be employed by companies to make their products better, improve their manufacturing techniques, and also determine how they can be able to sell their products to the clientele. This can be arrived at through the organizationâ€s support for a creative climate. The techniques that have been discussed herein are effective because they are used by many corporations in the world. They are recommended to every company that would like to see through growth in their operations as well as improvement in their products and sales techniques.


APA References

Qi, L., Liu, B., Wei, X., & Hu, Y. (2019). Impact of inclusive leadership on employee innovative behavior: Perceived organizational support as a mediator. PLOS ONE, 14(2), e0212091. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0212091


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