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Comparison of Colleagues Assessment with Your Own

Additional Insights

Analysis of Leading from All levels

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By Day 5

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings. Make sure to find posts where the organization presented was different in size (large vs. small) or where your colleague assessed the organization from a different organizational level (e.g., top level vs. middle level management). Compare your colleagues’ experiences and assessments with your own, giving careful thought to how these dimensions might have impacted the results.

Respond to two or more of your colleagues in one or more of the following ways:

  • Compare the results of your colleague’s assessment with your own. What factors were ranked differently and what factors seemed to impact the climate of creativity the most. Explain why.
  • Based upon specific details in a colleague’s assessment, explain any additional insights about the influence of the size of the organization and/or the level within the organization from which the assessment was made. For example, how might the assessment change or differ if one is on the frontline versus upper management.
  • Analyze the importance of leading from all levels of the organization in fostering a creative climate.





John Ezomo

RE: Templates Discussion 1 – Week 6


                                                  WMBA 6020: Discussion 1: Organizational Support for Creativity

                                                                                         John Ezomo

                                                                                    Walden University



Lab Tech Corporation is a music distribution company that is specialized in the licensing and distribution of much in the place of musicians all over the world at a fee of 5 percent of all the royalties collected within a year. The company distributes the music that has been submitted to its website to film industries such as Netflix, Hulu and Sony films. Besides the distribution and licensing of music, it also has a unit that plans and creates events all over the world. The company works with managers from all over the world as well as promoters to make sure that it gets the most out of the entertainment industry. Lab Tech has a total of 11000 employees all over the world who work in various units within the company that includes software management, marketing, licensing, and distribution departments within the company. Lab Tech allows its employees to come up with new ideas that bring about change and also have a positive impact on the companyâ€s well-being. This paper is going to discuss the companyâ€s support for creativity.

The creative climate within Lab Tech

Like mentioned in my introduction part of this paper, Lab tech allows its employees to be creative at work so that they can be more productive and also allow the company to grow than it has. Lab Tech supports the creativity of its employees’ trough appreciating new ideas as well as implementing ideas that have proven to be fruitful towards achieving the organizationâ€s goals. This is a move that the company has come up with so that it maintains its competitive level and stay on top of the music licensing and distribution business. “In business today, organizations need to maintain a thriving workforce through different strategies to remain competitive and sustain their performance.†(Riaz et al., 2018)

Factors that Contribute to the Creative Climate at Lab Tech Corporation

The previous segment of this paper has discussed that the company advocates for creativity among its employees because it would like to maintain its competitive nature in the business environment it is operating. This is the main factor that is the driving force for the companyâ€s support for creativity among its employees. Other factors have an impact on the creative climate within the company. These factors play a major role in the creativity of the employees who have been employed at Lab Tech Corporation.

Two main factors have significance in the creative climate that is within this magnificent organization that makes it possible for musicians and other creatives to have the ability to make the most out of the music that they create. Knowledge sharing is one of the factors that have a major contribution to the creativity climate at Lab Tech. the company allows the sharing of information about the current innovations that are taking place in the technology industry. This is an important factor in the enhancement of the creativity level of the employees who work in our organization. The other factor that has significance in the creative climate in the company is associated with the companyâ€s leadership. The companyâ€s HR management practices create room for creativity and innovation within the company because the company offers rewards to employees who come up with successful innovations. This inspires employees to be more creative with the desire to be acknowledged and appreciated by the company. (Qi et al., 2019)

Creativity Assessment

Before the company decides to invest in the creative innovations that are brought up by the companyâ€s employees, the company accepts the idea and submits the idea to a team of professionals who are specialized in the innovation field and new technology. After that, the company then allows the employee to proceed with the implementation of his or her idea after it has been approved by the team. After the employee has completed working on his or her idea and is certain that the idea can be put into practice, the company tests the idea before making it known to the organizationâ€s clientele who are also big stakeholders in the companyâ€s success.

Dimensions of creativity at Lab Tech

The dimensions of creativity that are used by the company are structured within the steps that are the metaphors that are behind many creative processes in companies. The first dimension that is employed by the company is the idea. Like it is known to everyone around the world every magnificent thing in the world starts with an idea. When an employee comes up with an idea of innovation he or she is allowed to get in touch with the companyâ€s leadership through the appropriate channels. The direction is the other dimension that has significance in the execution of innovation. This is because after an idea has been approved, it takes a direction towards the acquisition of the shape that it will take in the companyâ€s structure. After that, the structure of the idea is measured after it has taken its shape in the company. Lastly after all this process has been undertaken, the innovation is then brought into reality. (Progress, 2017)


Creativity and innovation help a company stay in business and ahead of the competition that is brought by the companyâ€s competitors. Lab tech Corporation supports the creativity of its employees and has procedures and forms that the innovations take like it has been discussed in this paper.



Progress, T. (2017). Creative process in four dimensions. Medium. https://medium.com/threeprogress/creative-process-in-four-dimensions-6200af56fc9d

Qi, L., Liu, B., Wei, X., & Hu, Y. (2019). Impact of inclusive leadership on employee innovative behavior: Perceived organizational support as a mediator. PLOS ONE, 14(2), e0212091. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0212091

Riaz, S., Xu, Y., & Hussain, S. (2018). Understanding employee innovative behavior and thriving at work: A Chinese perspective. Administrative Sciences, 8(3), 46. https://doi.org/10.3390/admsci8030046



Michael Fahmy

RE: Discussion 1 – Week 6


Description of the Organization

The organization I’m choosing is a current organization that I volunteer on which is my church board. The organization’s name is St. George Coptic Orthodox Church and is located in Astoria, NY. The organization is a medium-sized organization and specializes in many types of non-profit events. It holds masses, activities for all ages, and serves as a second home for many people. I am one of the church board officers and specifically deal with the logistics of the church and its Sunday School service. 

Description of Factors that Contribute to Creative Climate

My team and I always welcome and encourage new ideas. As a matter of fact, we encourage open brainstorming sessions before making any decisions so that we are able to choose the best and most efficient way of carrying out a service. We serve a congregation of about 600 people and our board is made up of nine individuals of which each individual oversees many other employees or servants. The nine individuals can perform all of the tasks but when we took over the board from the old individuals, we wanted to create a culture of rules that includes no overstepping any of the board members, so we created roles and split ourselves based on our professions. Direct channels of communication through the use of GroupMe, transparency, and accountability allows us to create a creative climate on both an individual and team level. Our weekly meetings create an exciting dynamic within the organization with constant ideas running through the committee for acceptance or denial. 

Description of the Creativity Assessment

In the creativity assessment, I took for my organization, we actually did very well overall. I was characterized as having a personal investment in my workplace and that it gives me energy. The environment is a free and allows my board and me to not only suggest new ideas but to also be transparent with our congregation and servants. As colleagues, we listen to each other and encourage everyone to speak their minds giving everybody the notion that we trust them and that we have a friendly environment promoting growth. The change of pace in our organization is fast and we are all able to adapt to the fast-pace which was great during the beginning of the pandemic. We met, brainstormed, and came up with creative ideas to mend the service around the rules and regulations that the state had enforced on houses of worship, businesses, etc. Joking and having humorous moments are not prohibited, we encourage laughter and fun time just as much as we encourage open dialogue between the board and the congregation of the church.  As a board, we are always welcoming new ideas because we are serving others and we are always looking to do better and bigger things for everyone. Finally, my organization and its board are very mature and attempt to not focus on any negative issues and always attempt to resolve any issues that we might encounter (Laureate Education, 2012). 

Identify the Dimensions of Creativity in the Organization

The areas of the assessment that my organization and I fared well include but are not limited to freedom, idea support, trust & support, dynamism & liveliness, playfulness & humor, and debate.  These characteristics help explain why my board is one that promotes creativity, works as a team, is fun and humorous, and allows for us to debate certain issues while also brainstorming for further creative ideas. We come together as one team and as one family to solve problems, if and when they arise, and always take the time to choose the best and most assertive decision to solve any problems. Finally, these characteristics shape who we are as an organization and accurately represent our identity. 

APA References

Laureate Education (Producer). (2012d). Dimensions of a creative working climate. [Interactive media]. Retrieved from https://class.walden.edu 


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