You are required to develop a project proposal

 Lesson 8 – Proposal Submission . Lesson 12 – Project submission & Presentation Lecturer : Ms Latha Manian Student Id, Name and Signature 1) 2) 3) 4) You are required to develop a project proposal and submit to lecturer on lesson 8. Upon approval of project proposal, start work on project. Group project of 3-4 students Suggested Project titles: Note: Also students allowed to choose their own titles related to syllabus. 1) Esxi and VI client configuration 2) Esxi installation and management using VI client 3) Vsphere management 4) Vcloud infrastructure setup 5) Create deploy and configure new Virtual Machines in VCloud setup 6) Create IAAS / PAAS / SAAS INSTRUCTIONS: Your project should include the following: 1. Cover page 2. Approved proposal 3. Project Document Note: Project document should include the following headings: Explain the ACTUAL Installation /Deployment / Configuration and Management ETC., TEST CASE (Put each test case in single page. Do minimum 10 test cases) Your report should have a font of either Arial or Times New Roman and the font size is 12. Line spacing is 1.5 with normal margin setting. Both softcopy and hardcopy is required for this project. Softcopy is to be submitted through MDIS Blackboard LMS- Safe Assign Link.   Marking rubrics: SL.No. Project Component Marks 1 Introduction, Aim and Objective 10 2 Infrastructure requirements & diagram 20 3 Project Flow 20 4 Test Case 20 5 Presentation 20 6 Group Members Log 5 7 Conclusion & References

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