You will select one case study from the following list

Part A (25%)
You will select two accident analysis tools from the following list :

•    Acci-Map
•    STAMP
•    FTA (Fault Tree Analysis)
•    ICAM
•    Fishbone
•    Bow Tie
•    FRAM
•    Or other analysis tool approved by the lecturer
You will select one case study from the following list and review literature available in the public domain, including regulatory reports :
•    Maritime Domain – MS Herald of Free Enterprise
•    Industrial Domain – Bhopal
•    Rail Domain – Granville
•    Aviation Domain – King Air Ghost Flight
•    Road Domain – King Street Bridge Collapse (1962)
Populate the tools with the critical factors from the case study to explain, in the language of the tools, the failures which occurred in the accident.
Evaluate how well the analytical tools enabled analysis and explanation of the accident case study.
You will then prepare a written report to explain:
•    The reasons why the particular analysis tools were chosen
•    The key characteristics of the tools
•    The tapestry of failures which led to the case study accident, as evidenced by application of the chosen analysis tools
•    The perceived strengths and weaknesses of the chosen tools in analysing the accident
• Part B (25%)
Choose one of the following case studies and use information available in the public domain to develop a Timeline, PEEPO and Event Tree for that case study.
•    Maritime Domain – Exxon Valdez
•    Industrial Domain – Longford
•    Rail Domain – Amagasaki
•    Aviation Domain – Tenerife
•    Road Domain – Mont Blanc

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