your answer with ONE country example

The current module we are taking in uni, ‘International Competitiveness and Innovation’ requires me to write a 3000-word essay. The due date for it is on 2nd October 2017 (but I hope I can get it at least a week earlier). The following are the two questions we can choose from: When analysing National Systems of Innovation (NSI) literature, a number of scholars emphasise the importance of the “systemic aspect of innovationâ€. Critically discuss what you understand by this term (systemic aspect of innovation) from the NSI literature. Also illustrate your answer with ONE country example of your choice. OR Intra-firm technology transfer represents one of the most knowledge intensive activities of the Multinational Corporation (MNC). Critically discuss. In particular, highlight the major challenges of managing intra-firm technology transfer projects in MNCs and how firms might overcome these challenges. I would like you guys to choose the one you have more confidence in getting the higher mark. The essay requires me to provide multiple references from sources (Harvard style referencing).

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