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Assignment Questions This coursework assignment challenges you to apply the concepts and ideas associated with information systems that you have learned during the module to a real business setting. The business setting is an organisation of your choice. It is critical to link the strategic situation of the business in terms of its goals and challenges, with the application of state-of-the-art information systems as enablers of business success. It has been said that since 2010 the digital revolution in business has gathered pace, so that it is now virtually impossible to manage an effective medium to large enterprise without an integrated suite of information systems. You will review the situation for the business of your choice in the light of this statement. You are required to write a business report that is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the information systems in the organisation that you have chosen. Your report should cover:  Background:  Information about the organisation that you have chosen, and the current strategic goals and challenges for the organisation (LO2) • Information about the range of systems that are currently in use by the organisation (LO1)  Analysis: Relate the use of information systems to the business situation (LO1) • Identify strengths, where systems are enhancing decision-making (LO2) Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities of current systems (LO2) Investigate the people and processes associated with managing and improving information systems (LO3) Your assignment should be a formal business report with the following structure: Title Page Executive Summary Table of Contents Analysis Conclusions Recommendations Bibliography

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